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Beware Of Angry Neighbours In Edinburgh!

This story from the Daily Mail is a cracker, that describes how angry neighbours cut Fred the Shred’d hedge down to a reasonable size.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy’s hedge!

Are we sure it was a chain saw, or was it a lot of ginger-haired Scotsmen with claymores?

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Why Has This Art Not Been Sold?

My Internet trawl on the Royal Bank of UK Taxpayers has found this tasty morsel in the Scottish Daily Record web site. Here’s the first paragraph.

Fred the Shred’s stunning corporate art collection is still still under wraps at taxpayer-owned bank despite promises to make it more accessible to the public.

As selling this has no implications for the profitability of the rump of the bank or employment issues, it is a disgrace that it hasn’t been sold or at least displayed in public.

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Is This The Truth About the RBS Problems?

The Register also has an article, where it claims a source has told them what happened at RBS and NatWorst. This is an extract.

A serious error committed by an “inexperienced operative” caused the IT meltdown which crippled the RBS banks last week, a source familiar with the matter has told The Register. Job adverts show that at least some of the team responsible for the blunder were recruited earlier this year in India following IT job cuts at RBS in the UK.

The problem isn’t in India, it’s with what haggis-head or collection thereof that decided on the risky strategy. And were they appointed by Fred Goodwin or one of his arse-lickers?

I hope that if you read the article in The Register, you’ll take the only sane action and move to another bank, as soon as RBS or NAtWorst have paid you the compensation, you think you deserve.

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RBS, Donald Trump and the Dreaded Wind Farms

The more I read about Donald Trump and the wind farms, I just think how funny it would be if either the golf course or the wind farms had been all or part funded by the Royal Bank of UK Taxpayers.

After all something Sir Fred did is going to jump up and bite us, so when it does, it might be something with a good laugh in it.

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RBS Six Nations Trophy

A quite elaborate trophy is presented to the winner of the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Here’s some details.

The idea of a Trophy for the Six Nations Championship was first thought of by the Earl of Westmorland, and was first presented in 1993 to France (the winners that season). It is held in trust by the Six Nations Championship Trophy Trust.

The Trophy is made of 200 ounces of sterling silver and is insured for £55,000. It was designed by James Brent-Ward, a silversmith designer, and made by eight craftsmen at the London silversmith firm William Comyns. The inside of the Trophy was originally silver, but it became so tarnished from repeated fillings with champagne that it has been lined with 22 carat gold to protect it.

There are fifteen sides to the Trophy, representing each player, and three handles representing each official ie the referee and two touch judges. Around the wooden base of the Trophy is the emblem of each of the six national unions.

The handle, or finial, on the lid is interchangeable and represents the current champions. The finials of the five challenging teams are kept in a hidden drawer in the plinth throughout the Championship.

According to this piece it pre-dates the Royal Bank of UK Taxpayers sponsorship of the Championship.  So this is one thing, where Sir Fred isn’t guilty.

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What Do Fred Goodwin and Manchester City Have In Common?

They’ve both lost their title in the last couple of weeks.

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Where is the Wunch Now?

So Fred Goodwin has got his comeuppance, but do you ever wonder where all the others, who are part of the same wunch of bankers as Fred, who got us into the financial mess are?

I am indebted to Citywire for the details.

It is interesting reading.

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Scotland on Sir Fred

Whilst searching for Scotland’s reaction to Sir Fred’s fall from grace, I found this page in the Glasgow Herald.

There are some funny bits, including one, about how you toast a haggis if you’re teetotal.

But this bit on Sir Fred’s Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh is priceless.

After The Herald revealed that disgraced banker Sir Fred Goodwin may have his Fellowship from the august Royal Society of Edinburgh removed, reader John Duffy in Edinburgh suggests: “Could they not just downgrade him to an Associate, just for the pleasure of seeing a more appropriate set of letters after his name.”

I’m not sure if he’s actually lost his Fellowship.

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What Have Fred Goodwin, Allen Stanford and Robert Mugabe Got In Common?

They all have lost their knighthoods, although Mugabe’s was honorary. But they would make a wonderfully well-matched set of dinner party companions!

But count your fingers after they’ve left.

One ruined the currency of one of the richer countries in the developing world, another stole virtually all the cash in a series of islands and the third helped to create a banking crisis that affected much of Northern Europe.

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Is Sir Fred Going to be an Unfellow

This comes from an article in the Scotsman.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh may now strip Goodwin of his fellowship. Amid the baying mob there are those prepared to take a more conciliatory view. Lord McConnell rightly says that what happened at the banks was a result of more than one man’s failings. The failure of RBS was systemic.

So will he be de kilted or whatever they do north of the border?

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