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Apple Have Problems With iPads in Australia

According to this report on the BBC, Apple is having to give refunds on iPads in Australia.

Perhaps they don’t work upside down! Or is it all those kangaroos jumping about, setting up odd vibrations at the wrong frequencies!

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There is a Black Market for the New iPad

I’ve never got this thing about Apple products. So when I see there’s now a black market for iPads in last night’s Evening Standard, I’m reminded of the phrase about there’s one born every minute.

The full article is here.

What happens if the computer you buy, is the rare one that fails?

I sometimes think that the only good thing about Apple is that every product sold means a royalty for a company called ARM in Cambridge. And that can’t hurt the British economy!

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Buy Your iPad From Tesco

You can get one for £49.99 from Tesco according to this story on the BBC.

But you had better hurry, before they rectify their mistake.

I shall not be buying, as I don’t like apple products or Tesco.

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