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Tesco Joins Climate Group’s EV100 Campaign To Electrify Its Fleet Of 5,500 Vehocles

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Post and Parcel.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Tesco today joined a group of now 27 big corporates publicly calling on the UK Government to target 100% zero emission car and van sales from 2030. The Government is currently revising its plans.

As Tesco say or used to say. “Every Little Helps!”

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NHS Procurement

I first had knowledge of government procurement in the 1970s! Then it was defence procurement, which was shambolic!

Nothing appears to have changed.

Perhaps, we should ask Tesco or Screwfix to source PPE and PCWorld to source ventilators?

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Gerrards Cross Station

I’d never been to Gerrards Cross before and when a friend suggested I go to see her for lunch, I got on a train.

The journey had been complicated because there had been a complete signal failure at Marylebone, so in the end I took the Central Line to West Ruislip station. Checking the Oracle as I came out from London, I was able to determine, that the odd train was running and I was likely to catch one a couple of minutes after my tube arrived. I did and I arrived in Gerrards Cross station an hour later than I’d planned.

This Google Map shows the station and the local area.

Gerrards Cross

Gerrards Cross

I had a pleasant lunch in Pizza Express with my friend.

Gerrards Cross is certainly not a town, where I would chose to live, but it is one of those rare towns, where you could get together to have a pleasant lunch or conduct a business meeting close to the railway station.

Note that the pictures and the map show how the Tesco supermarket, is built over the railway.

This tunnel collapsed during building and blocked the railway for a few months. Luckily no-one was hurt, but I do think Tesco got a bit of a bruising to their ego.

My view is that we need more schemes like this to reclaim railway land, so we can build over the top. Although, housing, offices and public buildings like hospitals would be preferable to yet another unnecessary Tesco supermarket.

In Could A Chiltern Metro Be Created?, I looked at Chiltern Railways’s plan for a metro service between Marylebone and West Ruislip stations.

In the post, I asked if it would be better if the service was extended past West Ruislip.

At present, Gerrards Cross has an off-peak stopping service of one train per hour into Marylebone.

If the Metro does get created, I’m sure Gerrards Cross could benefit from more stopping services into Marylebone, but as Gerrards Cross is a station with only two tracks, I doubt it would be used as a terminus, as on my trip, trains were going through without stopping every few minutes.

West Ruislip and Beaconsfield stations, which both have two platforms and enough space for four tracks would appear to be better choices for the Western terminus of the Chiltern Metro.

In an ideal world, I would like to see island platforms between the fast and slow lines at the terminus of the Chiltern Metro, so that passengers travelling between stations on the Metro and Chiltern Main Line services.

But I doubt there is sufficient space at any current station for this layout.

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Another Reason For Not Shopping At Tesco

In a few minutes time, I’m off to a lecture at the London Geological Society on Piccadilly.

I shall take a 38 bus all the way, as it stops virtually outside my house and the Society.

But I will leave myself plenty of time, as it is the time of day, when Tesco always seem to park their truck outside their convenience, or in this case inconvenience, store at Islington Green, which usually manages to delay the traffic by fifteen minutes or so.

I don’t deal with arrogant businesses like that!

No wonder the company, is a ripe one for breaking up by the vultures of the City!

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And The Winner Is!

This dreadful building called Woolwich Central won the Carbuncle Cup 2014.

Woolwich Central

Woolwich Central

You do wonder about Tesco, in that two buildings on the shortlist were their supermarkets.

Perhaps, the previous CEO was architecturally-challenged.

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Beware Tesco Customer Surveys

I don’t shop at Tesco’s except to buy the odd EatNakd bar or a newspaper, so why should they ask me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey? Especially, as it was e-mailed from South Africa!

It’s nothing to do with Tesco and is probably a dangerous scam, so beware!

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Tesco Decide To Give Customers A Laugh

Unfortunately, this story about Tesco bombarding customers with adverts, won’t apply to me, as I don’t drive, but to have a laugh, I’d willingly buy someone some petrol to see what inappropriate adverts I got. After all, you’ve got shaving products, Downton Abbey boxed sets, holidays outside of the EU, gluten-rich fast food joints like Burger King and Subway, cars and car insurance for a start.

Some could be a lot worse than just inappropriate.  Imagine showing a Jew or a Muslim, an advert for some of the finest pork sausages, a woman, who has trouble conceiving, an advert for children’s’ toys. I would laugh loudly, if I got shown an advert for a romantic all-in holiday for two, but others wouldn’t find it so funny!

In fact, this is one of those ideas that could create a whole lot of work for some smart lawyers, who know every niche of the law.

It may catch on, but not in the way Tesco feel it should!

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The Giraffe Web-Site Has Crashed

Tesco have taken over the Giraffe restaurant chain, as is reported here in the Guardian. This paragraph explains their strategy.

For a retailer that accounts for more than one in every £8 spent in UK shops, with UK sales of £47.3bn, the deal is pocket change. But added to the grocer’s recent 49% investment in artisan coffee shop Harris + Hoole, the group’s Dobbies garden centre business, and a stake in the embryonic, luxury bakery Euphorium, and the beginnings of a bold strategic shift begin to emerge.

I also wanted to look something up on the restaurant’s web site and got this message.

Due to today’s Tesco announcement we are experiencing extremely high volumes of traffic to our website.

We are currently working to accommodate the extra demand and will be back online later this evening. We apologise for any inconvenience.

I wonder if the wags will come up with jokes about Tesco swapping horse-meat for giraffe-meat.

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To Southgate For a Cup Of Tea

This morning, I took the Piccadilly line to Southgate to try out one of the new Tesco-financed coffee-shops called Harris and Hoole.

The tea was excellent and properly served in a pot.  Note the triple-barrelled tea timer, which could time your tea to exactly 3, 4 or 5 minutes.  If they’d sold them in the shop, I’d have bought one, but they don’t at present.  But they are available on-line from here!

The staff were attentive and if they can replicate this style, the company may have created something like an updated traditional coffee shop, that you still see occasionally in places like Harrogate. It certainly has a better ambience than Starbucks and is laid out with quite a bit of space.

At present, they don’t have any gluten-free offerings, but apparently, they’re working on it. They do though have EatNakd bars.

Overall it’s a good concept and I wish them well, despite the Tesco connection. My allergy to the supermarket chain stems from a business run-in years ago and where there are alternatives I go elsewhere.

In the 1950s and 1960s, when I was at Minchenden Grammar School just up the road, the only coffee bar was the Mayfair a few doors towards Cockfosters from where Harris and Hoole is now.  That place was beloved of teddy-boys and served coffee in those shallow Pyrex cups. It was off-limits during school hours!

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Tesco Don’t Know Their Horse From Their Gluten

Tesco seem to have withdrawn their Free From gluten-free burgers after the horsemeat scare.

But they made a mistake in Oxford and got caught out by the BBC, as they report here.

As I’ve said before, the odd bit of horse won’t hurt me, but the levels of gluten in the usual burgers on sale in supermarkets most likely will.

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