The Anonymous Widower

The Last Cowboy Rides On

Kirk Douglas is a hundred today.

I always liked his film; Lonely Are The Brave, ever since I watched it late one night, whilst programming Artemis.

Happy Birthday, Kirk!

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Another Bloody Sunday

I don’t often rant on this blog, but it’s Sunday and I hate them!

I’m not religious, and never have been, so I object that a minority of the population stop most of the shops from opening. At least if I could go to Waitrose now, that would solve my meal problem for today.

Today, there is only one Premier League football match on the box and that is Newcastle against Norwich. So I won’t watch that!

I hate going to the cinema or theatre alone, so I shall probably waste time all day, in endless pointless pursuits.

Why can’t Sundays be like any other day?

To make matters worse today, I felt that I’d like to go for a walk around Camden.

But the North London Line didn’t start running until an hour after I arrived.

Also today, the headline across the Sunday Times reads – Legoland and Thorpe Park – Treat the kids – 2 for 1 entry.

That is seriously funny! Especially, as I’ve never been to a Theme Park in my life!

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