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Trump Launches Stinging Attack On Media

This is the headline on a post on an article on the BBC.

Perhaps, I’m wrong, but I always thought that any successful politician needed the media on their side.

Or is it different across the pond?

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The Onion Gets Taken As The Truth

I like stories like this, where a humorous piece from a satirical web site like The Onion, gets taken as the truth, by the media in some country where freedom and press don’t go anywhere together. This time it’s China that gets fooled, but Iran has been duped in the past.

The trouble is that these countries wouldn’t make fun of a serious leader so wouldn’t know humour if it hit them in the face.

I wonder if they have April Fools’ Day in China and Iran?

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Why Is The BBC Going To Salford?

I can’t see any good reason and now the Evening Standard is claiming the move is causing marital problems.

I have always thought it a silly move to move a lot of the BBC to Salford.  This is especially silly with respect to programs like BBCBreakfast, which has always got quality guests to grace the sofa.  Are they going to go to Manchester?  Some will of course, but why would a film star in the UK for say a day  to promote a film, waste half of that in travelling to a studio up north?

The only reason I can think for the move is that it is some Machiavellian plot dreamed up by NuLabor to reduce the effectiveness of the BBC. Did Tony Blair instigate this to please his friends in News International? Of course not, but you could make a case for it.

One thing it will do, is lower quality, as the best producers, directors, program makers and presenters have the power to say that they don’t want the hassle and they will be snapped up quickly by other networks. Many of this experienced group are probably at an age when they can retire too, which will make the decision to go a lot easier.

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It’s All in the Article

The Sunday Times always tries to make the business pages more interesting by putting a lady on the front page, who is showing herself off.  Last Sunday’s article about how Lord St. John of Bletso hosted a party in 2004 and 2005 for Ross Mandell, who is now charged with fraud in New York, was accompanied by one with Lady Bletso in a dress that to say it was low-cut would be an understatement. She was described in the article as a former Miss England.

Now, I have no knowledge of the couple except what I read in the media, but I don’t think I would be very happy with the article if I was them. After all they would appear to have been married since 1994, have four children and that Lady Helen is a doctor of medicine according to Wikipedia.  She is also in her early forties and if nothing else, she certainly doesn’t show her age.

Luckily, I’ve never been described in the Press in anything but a complete and proper way, but I can understand how clipping out a few words and missing a few facts, can give a totally different view.

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