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Low Emission Buses On Hold

One of my Google Alerts has picked up this story on the London South East web site, which is entitled Torotrak Shifts Focus Following Delays In UK Low-Emission Bus Grants.

The report is on this web site, as these buses were trialled in Gillingham.

This is also said in the story.

This uncertainty, coupled with low fuel prices, has caused bus operators to postpone investing in low-emission technologies, Torotrak said. As a result, it and partner Wrightbus will delay further investment in the launch of Torotrak’s KERS technology for buses until the situation becomes clearer.

Torotrak will redeploy its cash resources on other, revenue-generating and near-term commercial opportunities in response to the delays.

Beyond this, Torotrak said its KERS off-highway technology has gained significant traction and said it has seen strong interest in its V-Charge technology from carmakers.

So what might all this mean?

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