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Viritech Issues A Call To Action For Hydrogen In The United Kingdom

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Daily Research Reporting.

This is the first paragraph.

According to Viritech, adopting clean hydrogen innovation to power road, air, and marine transportation offers the UK a major potential to retake a global engineering pioneering role, create an economic premium, and secure a key environmental dividend. The firm makes the case in its Call to Action for accelerated public and private sector commitment to groundbreaking technology with the potential to restore the UK’s leadership role in the automotive industry while also making a strong dedication to decarbonizing the difficult-to-reduce heavy freight segments of the transportation mix.

I’ll go along with what Viritech says.

Three things caught my eye in the article.

The first is the picture of a car, which I assume is hydrogen-powered.

I also liked this paragraph, which gives a prediction about how batteries and hydrogen will play out their competition.

“Hydrogen is a critical component of the zero-emissions puzzle,” said Jay Nagley, a seasoned automotive pundit from Viritech. “Batteries cannot do everything, and there are many use cases, particularly in heavy freight applications like heavy cargo vehicles, where batteries solely are not the answer to replacing fossil fuels. A dual-track method combining hydrogen and batteries, on the other hand, offers a full range of possibilities for achieving this goal. While batteries will be the primary source of growth in the early 2020s, the hydrogen powertrains will become the primary source of growth in the late 2020s.”

I agree with Jay Nagley.

The last point is only a few words.

Structural graphene pressure vessels.

That sounds to be just the ticket to reduce the size of hydrogen tanks.


Viritech could be one to watch.

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