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Postal Strikes

I’m not sure whether I’ll get any mail today, as there is a postal strike in Suffolk.

But does it really matter? How often do you actually get a real letter these days?  And when did you last get a postcard?

I think I’ve had about four in the last seven days and two of those could actually have been sent by e-mail, but thankfully some people like to be personally.  The other two were a water bill, which asked on the outside if we’d like an electronic bill and a letter from the NHS enclosing a bowel caner test kit.

I think the last would be a difficult one to do by e-mail, but on the other hand it isn’t very urgent.

I used to know a guy who ran BT’s telephone service in East Anglia and he told me that every interruption in the Royal Mail service moves business away to other methods like phone and e-mail.  It rarely comes back.

So what would happen, if we had a postal service that only delivered mail twice or even once a week?

In my view. Nothing!

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