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It Pays To Complain Politely!

I like Nakd bars.

My favourite was the Cocoa Mint bar, but I was having difficulty getting them.

I complained politely and found out that they had been discontinued.

The company said they’d send a few others for me to try.

I wasn’t expecting a box of nine.

Note the box came in the padded bag on the left, so it came through my letterbox, without needing to be collected from the Post Office.

How many Christmas parcels have to be collected, because companies don’t pack them properly?


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Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

When I came here in 2010, Islington had two Post Offices on Upper Street; an old traditional one by St. Mary’s Church and a rather dodgy structure on the forecourt of Highbury and Islington station.

Both are now gone and a smart new one has opened in a double-fronted shop opposite the Town Hall.

Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

Peering through the window, it would appear to have all the latest automatic machines to send letters and parcels to Oblivion and everywhere else. According to Livy, Oblivion is defined as the Limia River in Spain.

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Highbury And Islington Post Office Is Now Shut

The convenient Post Office at Highbury and Islington Station has been closed.

To be fair, it had seen better days and its closure probably makes it more likely, that one of the worse stations in London gets developed as a station for the twenty-first century, hopefully with step-free access everywhere.

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Stratford Has A Gold Pillar Box

Stratford has one of the gold pillar box, which have been put up all over the country to honour the Olympics medal winners.

Stratford got its, because this was the nearest box to the Olympic Park.

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Will Anybody Notice?

There is suppose to be another strike in Post Offices this weekend, according to this report on the BBC.

Will anybody actually notice?

The last time, I went into a Post Office was to collect a packet that the postman couldn’t deliver.  I queued for far too long, with most people seemingly buying the odd first class stamp.

I do post the odd parcel, but surely this could be handled by clever automated machines in the wall or by using the good on-line system and then putting the parcel in an oversize post box.

In a year or so, there will hardly be any Post Offices anyway. I have four handy to me and I pass at least one regularly every day.  Isn’t that too many?

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Royal Mail Iconography

I took these two pictures on Friday and Saturday respectively.

The brickwork has been saved and incorporated into the wall in the new Royal Mail sorting office in Islington and the Penford pillar box is behind the Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush.

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What Shall We Do With The Royal Mail?

I get very little useful mail today and haven’t for about ten years. My friends either, e-mail, text or phone me and all of my banks, utilities are on line. The only important post I get is tickets for various events, I’ve ordered on-line or by telephone and the odd small package delivered by the postman, like my INR test strips.

Most of the rest of the mail is junk usually addressed to the Occupier of my house.  Make non-specific junk mail illegal and the Royal Mail would go bust.  The worst offenders are estate agents and Virgin Media. I think I’ll get some cards printed, that I can post to the worst offenders, saying they will be charged £50 for wasting my time, if they send anything more.

Incidentally, I do post letters more regularly than I used to, as I have a post box on the corner.

Most of us love the Royal Mail  and in rural and sparsely populated areas, I will admit, they do perform a regular social service.  But where I live now in Hackney, I wouldn’t even recognise my postman, if I sat next to him in a pub or cafe. We though have a guy, who performs that low-level social service.  We have this very accommodating guy, who keeps the streets clean and tidy, with his barrow and he always wishes you a hello and how are you, every time, you meet him on the street.

The real problem, I have is with parcels and packets, delivered by all of the companies and not just Parcelforce and Royal Mail. Usually, they come early in the morning, when I am still here, but often I return to find a card through the door.

Royal Mail/Parcelforce are in a strong position to create a proper on-line tracking service, as they are generally trusted.

You would need to register your name and address on their site, so that if you were getting a parcel delivery, they could send you an e-mail to say it was coming.  I know some on-line vendors do this, but it often means logging in to a site and entering a tracking number, which means you have to have on-line skills.

Obviously, you wouldn’t always get an e-mail before it arrived, but you could have standing instructions like leave with number 27 or something similar.

A properly designed system would make it more efficient and probably save the Royal Mail money.

The first courier that gets it right and completes the loop between supplier and customer, will make a fortune and clean up.

Privatisation is not the cure, but augmenting the local link with technology may just be.

Just look at how easy it is to track trains and collect tickets at stations, compared to say ten years ago.

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A Bad Case Of Oops On Regent Street

You occasionally see post boxes knocked over by an accident.

A Bad Case Of Oops On Regent Street

A Bad Case Of Oops On Regent Street

But this is the first time, I can remember seeing a double one on the skew.

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And Now A Pop-Up Post Office!

Camden Market now has a pop-up Post Office until Christmas.  Read about it here in the Standard.

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Two Parcels From Roche

I thought the Softclix device had failed so Roche sent me a new one.  I also needed some lancets, so Roche sent me some of those.

They both arrived the same day as expected, but one was by courier and the other by Royal Mail.

You’d think they’d use one company!


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