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Well Done Eddie!

Eddie Izzard has now completed his feat of running forty-three marathons in fifty one days for Comic Relief.

In finishing he proved what many thought was an impossible task: that a 47-year-old cross-dresser with no sporting inclination could complete an endeavour usually reserved for a small band of endurance athletes and masochists.

So well done, Eddie!

I have given a small amount to Comic Relief and I hope that others will do so.  This link does it and it’s very painless.

I have a confession to make though about Eddie.  Much as I like him as a person and find him very funny, when he appears in interviews on the radio and television.  But my late wife and I went to see him at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge and walked out at halfway.  It could have been that I am going a little deaf or the bad acoustics of the theatre, but we just didn’t get it!

But, it’s still well done to Eddie!

I also have a rather tenuous connection to Eddie.

I have said in previous posts like Letterpress Rules OK, that my father was a printer.  One of his employees was a lovely Scot called Frank Black.  He actually taught me to drive in the Triumph Herald Estate that the company used for deliveries. But his main job was actually to cut paper on the modern Grieg guillotine.  Hence the reason my father always referred to him as “Mac the Knife”.

In a previous job, Frank had run a company in partnership with an Izzard called Angel Electric.  I think that they used to provide all sorts of pumps, heaters and other accessories for tropical fish tanks.  Hence the name!

The Izzard family were fairly well-known in North London and another was a television producer who used to do a very respected program called Travellers Tales.  In one, they were in Iran and they needed to get access to some caves where people had lived many centuries ago.  It was thought that no-one had been there since the Middle Ages.  So they called up Joe Brown, who at that time was one of the best rock-climbers in the world.  (Checking his Wikipedia entry says that Joe is still with us and will be 79 in ten days time!)

Joe just walked up the wall and they were in!

It was fascinating television.

Whenever I read of Eddie and his achievements, I just think of the connections and remember Frank Black, who was a really good bloke.

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  1. […] remember Joe for a fascinating piece of television in the 1960s.  It’s described here.  I’ve still not found the Eddie Izzard link to the film. 52.245212 […]

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