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UK’s Rude Place Names To Be Toured By Man On Moped

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This paragraph gives a flavour of the route.

His journey will begin in Shitterton, Dorset, on Wednesday and will take in locations such as Twatt in Orkney and Booze in the Yorkshire Dales.

Mary Whitehouse would not have been amused, but I suspect many will find some of the names raise more than a titter.

This is the JustGiving page of the guy doing what he calls the Moronic Moped Marathon. The money raised will go towards Cancer Research.

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Support Railway Children Charity Through London Overground Ticket Machines

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Advent.

This is the first paragraph.

Transport for London has announced that passengers using ticket machines at London Overground stations can now make an optional donation to the Railway Children charity.

I think it is a good idea. It will be interesting to see how much it raises.

On another related point, I rarely use cash any more and use contactless cards when I can.

Will add-on contactless giving make up for the shortage of cash donations?

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Remembering A Relative Or Friend

In seven days it would have been my late wife’s sixty-eighth birthday.

C gave her body for medical research and we had a private cremation a year or so later.

In her memory and also in that of my son, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2010, I helped to fund in a very small way some research into the disease at my mine and my late wife’s university of Liverpool.

I wrote about the research in There’s More To Liverpool Than Football And The Beatles!

In some ways, the successful outcome of the research, gave me an enormous lift and now when I think of my son, I sometimes think, that others will hopefully not have to go through, what he and his family did!

Serious research can do that!

So I got to thinking, that perhaps when a friend or relative dies, we should start a fund and give the money to an appropriate charity, that funds research into whatever was the cause of their death.

My funding of Liverpool University’s Pancreatic Cancer research that came about because I asked Alumni Relations at the University to suggest a suitable research project for my donation.

The Devil must have blessed the donation and the research produced a positive result.

But not everyone can be so lucky.

So why not, when someone close to you dies, collect an appropriate amount of money and ask the major charity or perhaps as I did, your old University to find a project to help fund?

I would think that it could be best to go to a central charity like Cancer Research UK or the British Heart Foundation, as they might now something that was very suitable, based in a University of research institution convenient to where you live!

I feel that selecting a well-run and well-respected central charity is that they know the ropes and that the world is littered with charitable failures, set up by individuals with the best of intentions.

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Do We Have Too Many Breast Cancer Charities?

That may be a controversial thing to say, but these posters for a new breast cancer charity have been appearing everywhere in London.

Do We Have Too Many Breast Cancer Charities?

Do We Have Too Many Breast Cancer Charities?

Now C successfully survived breast cancer, so it is not a subject I know nothing about.

But I think now, that some of the most promising cancer research, like looking at the genetics, is very expensive and covers the whole spectrum of cancers.

So surely, this is where we should give our money. I incidentally subscribe to three different cancer charities, none of which are directly linked to breast cancer.

Although, Cancer Research UK, which I support, does support research into  breast cancer.

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Getting Rid Of Useless Foreign Currency

I travel a lot and the small change from my Icelandic holiday is annoying me, as is the monetary detritus from trips to Poland and Scandinavia.

So I have now collected it together, with all the Eurotrash with a value of less than a euro. The total weight is just under half a kilo.

But what to do with it? I searched and found this page, which has a lot of good ways to give it to charity.

I have the money, now I’ll make my choice!

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Do As I Say Not As I Do!

I don’t support Greenpeace directly, although I follow some of their ideas and I’m happy to use their research to back up a principle I believe in.

My reasons for not supporting them financially, is that they have chugged me and I don’t support charities who do that.

But also, I feel some of their stunts are more about raising money than anything else.

I also feel in some cases their views are wrong and that these views have set back the lot of some people, who don’t live in the same decent circumstances, as most who work for and support the charity.

But today, I read the report on how one of their senior executives commutes from Luxembourg to Amsterdam by air, rather than uses the train. It’s reported in several newspapers and the report in the Daily Mail is here.

On reading this report, I suspect a lot of Greenpeace’s supporters have decided not to do so any more!

It’s not as though there aren’t other charities working in the same area.


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Not Taking Notice Of My Unsubscribes

One national charity, which I think does a lot of good work, but which I’ve never supported keeps sending me e-mails, so I might buy something from them on-line.

I unsubscribe each time, but still they keep coming. I think I’ve had thirteen since the start of November.

I do wonder, if a lot of people now wouldn’t support this charity, as they’ve had a similar treatment.  Which I wouldn’t!

If I get a tin rattler in front of me, they’ll get the reasons.

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Better Than Chugging

I saw this sign outside Oxfam in Islington.

Better Than Chugging

Better Than Chugging

It’s so much better than annoying people with chuggers.

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I’m Closing My Rate Setter Account

I have just sent this e-mail to Rate Setter.

I’ve never really got into Ratesetter, so I’d like to close everything down, or at least withdraw the money that has not been lent.

It’s just that the concept of the site requires a lot of managing and as Zopa now has their Safeguard product, which gives me a reasonable rate and quite a bit of security, I might just as well have the use of the money or give it to charity.

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Is It Illegal To Sell Pens In Stations?

Yesterday, I dropped my pen on the way to Clapham Junction station.

So I thought, I’d buy one there!

But I couldn’t, despte trying about six of the many kiosks in the station.

I got no luck!

In fact, I don’t think I’ve managed to buy a nice standard-issue Bic biro in a station in perhaps the last ten years.

In the end, I bought two in a small general store in Bognor.

But that’s a long way to go for a pen!

I did ask the ticket collector on the train and he said he’d had to buy one himself before he started work.  He certainly didn’t think that they were ever used for attacks on staff or other passengers.

I think the solution is to have pen dispensers on stations, where say for a pound or two, you can get a suitable pen.  All profits could go to a charity like Railway Children.

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