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Cambridge Busway Pictures – Cambridge to Swavesey

The rain was miserable, so I decided to go and photograph the Cambridge Busway.  These pictures show the busway from Cambridge to Swavesey.

There are lots of things to note in these pictures.

  1. The concrete blocks blocking entry to the busway.
  2. Kids lurking under the bridge at the Histon/Impington stop.  Is this an omen?
  3. The Phoenix Chinese Restaurant at Histon is included because it is very much worth visiting.
  4. There are horse crossings at many places, with buttons ideally placed for riders.  But would I ride a horse alongside a busway, with buses travelling at 80 kph?  Probably not, unless it was Cyril, the world’s most bomb-proof horse.
  5. They have spent a lot of money on a cutting at Over, when there is a hideous mast by a charming wind-mill.  Right sentiments but wrong solution.  They should have demolished the mast!
  6. The MG logo on the building at Swavesey.

I said that when I created this gallery, that I would be adding to it.  The section from Swavesey to St. Ives is pictured here.

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