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River Lea and the Beatles

The television except for QI tonight is/was total crap.  I suspect that when people get home from work on Christmas Eve they are/or get so legless that they don’t notice.  That’s why the good television starts at ten, as those that are sober then, probably need something to stimulate their brain with all their friends/families around them.

I’m alone tonight, so I really do notice when the television is crap.

Whilst preparing two fish pies; one for tonight with sprouts and the other for the freezer, I delved into the Sky Box to see what I had recorded.  I started by watching Gryf Rhys-Jones on the River Lea and followed this with Help, the Beatles film.

Both brought back memories of adolescence.  Many a day I fished in the Lea and I was lucky enough to see the Beatles live.  Should that last bit be old enough?

These memories all date from before I met my late wife in early 1967.  But it just seems a few years ago.

A couple of times recently, I’ve walked the Lea.  It is one of London’s treasures and Gryf brought a lot out in his program; the New River, Abbey Mills and Crossness pumping stations, the Royal Gunpowder Mills and all the greenhouses in the Lea Valley.

Help is in some ways dated and very much in the sixties.  But the music is still as fresh as ever.

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