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A Funeral

As you get older, you always seem to go to more and more funerals. They are changing though.  Or at least those in the Church of England are, as I have no experience of a funeral service in another religion.

In some way I first sensed the change when Alex died. I had known her for some years and it was on her recommendation that my late wife went to the oncologist, Professor Davidson. Alex, a confirmed atheist or at least an agnostic, had planed the funeral with the vicar, who happened to be married to her best friend.  Despite being a funeral, it was in some ways a joyous occasion, with popular hymns and songs, everybody in colours and the ladies in hats. The vicar even blasphemed from the pulpit.

When my wife died, she gave her body to medical science and we didn’t have a funeral at all at the time.  We just had a gathering at the house and those that wanted to said a few words.  It worked for us.

Yesterday, I went to Christine’s funeral, who was a cousin of my late wife.  Not sure what the relationship is, but she came to my wife’s memorial service in Southwark Cathedral. In fact she sat next to me.  So in addition to everything else, she deserved my respect and I felt it was essential that I go.

The funeral service was in Minster Abbey on the Isle of Sheppey. I had actually attended two other funerals there of Christine’s mother and sister.

It is a lovely old parish church, founded in the 660s, that is one of the unknown gems of England. Sheppey is not an island noted for very much, but a trip across the bridge from the M2 is worth it, just to view this church.

The church was packed and it was a good service, with a wonderful speech from her sister.  It must help friends and family, when so many people come and I would hate to be a lone mourner at a funeral.

It was followed by a cremation at Bobbing.  Crematoria of my past, tend to be soulless and depressing places.  But this one, which was opened only a few years ago, had been designed to make the passing of someone dear to you, a better experience. That is if there is one!

I shall remember the chapel with the sunlight streaming through the window, until the day I die.

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