The Anonymous Widower

The Church Where C And Myself Married

These pictures show Christ Church, Cockfosters, where C and myself got married on September the seventh, 1968.

That day is still the only one, where I have entered the church. And it was locked today. If that sounds strange, C had been a Sunday School teacher in the church and we had met the vicar before the wedding, in the vicarage.

One of the church’s claims to fame, is that it was where the Memorial Service for Elvis Presley was held in the UK.

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Philistines Like Islamic State Are Nothing New

We are all worried about what Islamic State will do to important world heritage, as is reported on the BBC in this article about Palmyra.

In Leipzig I came across a modern church that was not to my liking with a model of an old Gothic church in front.

So I got thinking, that perhaps the church was something like a cathedral or important church that had been destroyed in the Second World War.

But it isn’t!

The model church is the Paulinerkirche and it stood on the site. Wikipedia sums up what happened to the church as follows.

The church survived the war practically unscathed but was dynamited in 1968 during the communist regime of East Germany. After the reunification of Germany, it was decided to build a new university church on the site in the shape of the former church. A new building, the Paulinum (formally: “Aula und Universitätskirche St. Pauli”, i.e. “Assembly Hall and University Church St. Paul”), was built on the site beginning in 2007.

Enough said!


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The Nikolaikirche

The Nikolaikirche in Leipzig is introduced in Wikipedia like this.

The St. Nicholas Church (in German: Nikolaikirche) has long been one of the most famous in Leipzig, and rose to national fame in 1989 with the Monday Demonstrations when it became the centre of peaceful revolt against communist rule.

As I was close I had to visit.

It seemed shut, so unfortunately, I had to pass on a visit to such an iconic place in the fall of another evil dictatorship. In Peaceful Demonstrations in the church’s Wikipedia entry this is said.

Cabaret artist Bernd-Lutz Lange said about the events which started in the St. Nicholas Church:

There was no head of the revolution. The head was the Nikolaikirche and the body the centre of the city. There was only one leadership: Monday, 5 pm, St. Nicholas Church

But then my father always said that St. Paul’s stood defiantly against the Nazis in the Blitz.


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A Shy Church In Deptford

On my travels to see the site of the Deptford Church Street Work Site for the Thames Tideway Tunnel, I found a church hidden behind trees and high walls on the north or river side of the Greenwich Rail Line. Ypu can see it on this map.

Deptford Church Street

Deptford Church Street

The church is at the top of the picture. Small it isn’t!

I did get a some pictures, but there seemed to be no obvious entrance.

I thought for a time, that it might be something like a monastery or convent, especially, as there was a Catholic School nearby.

But the church is Anglican and is St. Paul Deptford, of which Wikipedia says this.

St Paul’s, Deptford, is one of London’s finest Baroque parish churches, cited as “one of the most moving C18 churches in London” in the Buildings of England series.

So why is it so hidden away?



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St. Margaret’s Church In The Late Afternoon Sun

St.Margaret’s Church is another Ipswich’s Grade 1 Listed buildings.

I took the pictures in the late afternoon and I was trying to show how the light in Suffolk can cast interesting colours and shades.

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St. Nicholas’s Church, Deptford

London is thought of as a fairly recent city, but dotted amongst the later buildings are some old parish churches, that wouldn’t be out of place in an English country village.

This is St. Nicholas’s Church, Deptford. The parish has a Wikipedia entry, Christopher Matrlowe was buried in an unmarked grave in the church.

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The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is one of the landmarks of Berlin.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

I remember standing here a few years ago with C discussing the merits of one of the most radical reconstructions of a bomb-damaged church. I think we disagreed, in that she disliked it and I liked it.

It is certainly a different approach to that used at Coventry Cathedral.

In some ways though perhaps the approach taken at Liverpool with the church of St. Luke is more honest, as you are showing war in all its horror. It was after all, C’s favourite church.

In some ways that fact, illustrates her attitude to religion.  When I met her, she went to church regularly and had even as a fifteen-year-old a few years earlier, made the decision to change parishes. By the time she died in terrible pain, she had no faith left!

She would be horrified at what is going on in the world in the name of religion.  Surely no-one of a sane mind could approve some of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of gods in the last few years.

Surely now over 70 or so years after the end of the Second World War and over fifty years after he first performed it, Bob Dylan’s, With God On Our Side rings even more true.

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In Search Of The Last Supper

I’ve seen Leonardo’s Last Supper in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, in Milan twice, but felt that as it was a wet afternoon, that I might be greedy and have another look.

However, it was all fully booked, so I just looked at the outside of the church and then got a tram to the Duomo.

Incidentally, the first time I saw the mural, was when Ipswich played Inter Milan in the UEFA Cup in 2001. One of the staff was surprised at how many visitors they had that day all dressed in blue.

Although Ipswich lost as expected, we all had a great day in Milan.

But normally now, twelve years later, you have to pre-book the visit. I suppose now with most visitors having the Internet on their phone, this is not that easy.

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Did They Build This Hideous Church To Match The Underground Ventilation Shaft?

This church just has to be seen to realise how awful it is.

Perhaps they built it to match the ventilation shaft for Warwick Avenue station?

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The Marble Church

I visited this church, popularly called the Marble Church on my way back from the Design Museum.

It was the first place I’d come across except for the DSesign Museum, that was well and truly open. Consequently, it was busy.

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