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Scientifically-Correct – David Aaronovitch

Sometimes you wait for months for good scientific articles to come along and then you get two in one day in the same newspaper.  David Aaronovitch has written this piece in The Times entitled “Climate campaigners reap what GM sowed”.

He ranges through global warming, homeopathy and GM crops, an puts a healthy plea for proper research and not to ban something just because you think it is wrong.  Think of all the things in our modern society; scientific as well as moral, that were once subject of a prison sentence or even worse.

The last three paragraphs are ones that we should all heed.

But there is a rich irony here, which it has taken me some time to appreciate and that I want to share. Back in the crop-burning days of the late 1990s, when green activists prevented even trials taking place to discover more about GM produce, they rode shotgun on the denialist wagon. They didn’t care that they didn’t have the evidence, or that much of their support was mystical.

“The war against nature has to end,” Lord Melchett, the executive director of Greenpeace, told Specter, “and we are going to stop it.”

And now the green movement is in the camp of the governments and scientists, bitterly fighting the new denialists who must surely, in the words of John Wayne, remind them of them. Reaping, not sowing.

If you have time, then read his full article.  But sadly, if you are in favour of Mr. Aaronovitch you will, but the various flat-earthers and deniers wouldn’t go near his well-reasoned arguments.

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