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Mixed Messages on Cancer

A new and authoritative report says that eating five portions of vegetables a day does not protect you from cancer, as much as was thought.

Eating more fruit and vegetables has only a modest effect on protecting against cancer, a study into the link between diet and disease has found.

The study of 500,000 Europeans joins a growing body of evidence undermining the high hopes that pushing “five-a-day” might slash Western cancer rates.

The international team of researchers estimates only around 2.5% of cancers could be averted by increasing intake.

It two and a half percent benefit is worth having, but it’s not great.

Now what is interesting in these findings is that some research has shown that diagnosed coeliacs have a lower risk of cancer than normal. It could be argued that this was due to the fact that coeliacs tend to eat well and generally eat lots of unprocessed meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

But perhaps we should all adhere to the last two paragraphs of the article.

Yinka Ebo of Cancer Research UK said: “It’s still a good idea to eat your five-a-day but remember that fruits and vegetables are pieces in a much larger lifestyle jigsaw.

“There are many things we can do to lower our chances of developing cancer such as not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, cutting down on alcohol, eating a healthy balanced diet, being physically active and staying safe in the sun.”

I do all of those things.  They also supposedly protect you from strokes.

I blame the genes.  After all my father and grandfather died before their time and my wife and son both died from cancer at early ages.

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