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Why We All Hate Couriers

My new phone was supposed to be delivered today, but the courier loused up. If people use DHL, ParcelForce or the plain old Royal Mail, goods always appear on time and usually with a joke and a smile. O2 in the past have used DHL, but this time they didn’t.

The courier actually did turn up, but didn’t come to the house. He claimed on the company’s web site, that he had texted me and left a card at my red front door.  I didn’t find the card and didn’t receive the message on my phone. But he did talk to one of my stud staff and didn’t even ask him where I was! I was actually sitting in the garden.

After three calls to O2 on a landline, I got a promise of delivery tomorrow.  We shall see! O2 incidentally were very helpful and polite, despite the fact I cut myself off twice, as you do with a gammy hand.  I’m sure that they will complain on my behalf to the courier!

At least though they did get to roughly the right place. There are several farms and two studs on my postcode, so in some cases, I find couriers assume, that as I’m the biggest farm and the one at the centroid of the post code, that I am someone else and they just dump the goods and run! I wonder what proportion of goods ordered over the Internet never end up where they should?

Remember though that for outgoing letters and parcels to exotic places, Royal Mail have an excellent on-line system for printing postage and customs declarations. Today, I sent a book to Hong Kong and it took me just a few minutes. It’s ideal in my current situation as I can’t drive to the Post Office. As the stamps are a complex bar code, everything is fully-traceable and so far nothing has gone astray.

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  1. There are some truly atrocious couriers out there! I live in a town on the outskirts of a city, in a biggish house on the main road, and they still cant find me! And they tap lightly on the door and then run away, not giving me time to get to the door!


    Comment by Liz P | June 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] I’ve had various issues with couriers in the past, like this episode. […]

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