The Anonymous Widower

Sir Alf Will Be Turning In His Grave

If you thought Algeria was bad, then today’s match against Germany was even worse!

You pay a manager £6,000,000 a year and the team serves up this tripe! So I know the first head to roll.

I suspect though the old farts at the FA will duck the decisions they should make and blame everybody except themselves.  Endless reports have told them what to do; like cut down the size of the commitees that don’t manage our national game, stop employing people who don’t perform, that they then have to fire at great expense, get the Academy at Burton built and make sure Wembley has a playing surface worthy of the best footballers.  Perhaps too,  they should also make sure that the Premier League creates a few more world beaters, like the acadamies in Italy and Germany do. But then you don’t mess with the Premier League! They mess with you and give you crumbs if you’re lucky.

So who should replace Fabio? I watched the whole of the match and saw the faces of David Beckham and Stuart Pearce.  Even they couldn’t do anything! But give them the authority with most of the old farts removed and Pearce as manger and Beckham as the enforcer and things might just work out.

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