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Sir Alf Will Be Turning In His Grave

If you thought Algeria was bad, then today’s match against Germany was even worse!

You pay a manager £6,000,000 a year and the team serves up this tripe! So I know the first head to roll.

I suspect though the old farts at the FA will duck the decisions they should make and blame everybody except themselves.  Endless reports have told them what to do; like cut down the size of the commitees that don’t manage our national game, stop employing people who don’t perform, that they then have to fire at great expense, get the Academy at Burton built and make sure Wembley has a playing surface worthy of the best footballers.  Perhaps too,  they should also make sure that the Premier League creates a few more world beaters, like the acadamies in Italy and Germany do. But then you don’t mess with the Premier League! They mess with you and give you crumbs if you’re lucky.

So who should replace Fabio? I watched the whole of the match and saw the faces of David Beckham and Stuart Pearce.  Even they couldn’t do anything! But give them the authority with most of the old farts removed and Pearce as manger and Beckham as the enforcer and things might just work out.

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Are Some Cars More Disabled-Friendly Than Others?

I’m not driving obviously, but the Jaguar did need its little check on oil, water and windscreen washer fluid.

I did it with ease and all the locks, levers and caps came to hand and were easily released with one hand. So has one car manufacturer thought about design for everybody, who might use their vehicles? Some of the new electronic systems I’ve seen in new cars, seem to have been designed by computer gamers, who have no idea how those over fifty think and behave! In any designs I have created, I have hopefully always taken the profile of the user into account. It’s rule one in design.

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Lord Heseltine

Lord Heseltine is on Radio 5 at the moment. What a sensible man! I did like his comment about Labour being good in opposition, but hopeless in government. How true? He also said they will be pumping scare stories about the Budget like mad and the media will dance to their tune.

Is Lord Heseltine the best Prime Minister we never had? Possibly, but his views may well come to the fore.  He’s just been taling so sensibly about how we reinvigorate our great cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and others.

He’s just giving very sensible views on Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Why Am I Sleeping So Much?

Since I glutened myself after coming out of hospital with the stroke, I’ve been  sleeping a lot.  My stroke doctor thinks I should have problems sleeping, but I don’t.  I’m also suffering badly from hay fever, but that is the weather and the pollen.  Is this just a normal healing process or am I still feeling the effects of the gluten? Surely, as my body recovers, it will be using up what B12 I have in my body.  My nails are soft, which indicates to me I’m low on B12.

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