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Feeling Permanently Glutened

I’ve been glutened a few times and now I feel like that most of the time.  I’m tired all the time, not very positive at times, my nails are very soft and I’ve had a lot of the runs. In some ways I feel a lot like I used to before I was diagnosed as a coeliac. Especially in hot weather, like we’ve had recently.

Could it be that recovering from a stroke uses up a lot of vitamin B12 and this causes the problems?  I don’t know!  But there are web sites that hint that B12 can aid stroke recovery. But they are sites that try to sell you all sorts of vitamins and supplements you don’t need or want.

I did find this and you can read it how you like.

In an article published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Geriatrics Society, a 2006 study concluded that increasing levels of B12 following a stroke would be appropriate, though there was no conclusive evidence that an increase in the vitamin following a stroke would aid in recovery, specifically in lowering homocysteine levels and decreasing the risk of dementia.

Anyway, I’m having an injection tomorrow and that might make a difference!

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  1. I think perhaps if we get even slightly glutened the effects can go on forages – that’s what I’ve found. On the other hand, where is the gluten coming from? Have you bought anything different? Or something you normally buy, but the manufacturers may have changed the recipe without making it obvious, ie sneaked in some glucose syrup made from wheat?

    Or maybe it’s just lack of B12. Have you had your levels tested? I hope the injection makes a big difference, its hard enough coping with life’s catastrophies without feeling yuck as well.

    Lesley x

    Comment by Lesley Maciver | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. As to food, most of what I cook is just meat, fish and vegetables, so I know that is safe.

    I did get glutened by the biscuits coming out of hospital, so I’m tending to think it’s just lack of B12, which could cause the same symptoms, as although you get them from being glutened, they could be caused by the lack of B12, that gluten causes.
    I hope tomorrow’s injection works.

    Comment by AnonW | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. I was like this a few months ago. I tracked the culprit to sorbitol in toothpaste. I know use a sorbitol free one, and I am fine again. Could their be something in a product you are using – and has your diet changed since your stroke?

    Comment by Liz P | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  4. My toothpaste contains sorbitol, but I’ve used it for years. Incidentally, there’s a lot of warning about sorbitol on

    Comment by AnonW | July 8, 2010 | Reply

  5. I had been fine with it until a few months ago, so it still might be worth a try. I have another suggestion which I will send privately

    Comment by Liz P | July 8, 2010 | Reply

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