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Digital Radio

I generally listen to the radio through SKY or Freeview, except when I’m in the car.  The government wants to switch off the AM and FM signals, but they don’t seem to be getting far according to this BBC report. People just won’t switch.

I tried an add-on digital radio for my 5-year-old  Jaguar, but I couldn’t get it to work. As the radio for that car is fully integrated with Bluetooth and my phone, I doubt a proper replacement will be available, especially as the car is being discontinued.  An add-on for the Lotus Elan is probably easier, as that car has a replacement modern Sony radio with a USB connection.

So what would owners of cars like my Jaguar do to get radios, if the AM and FM signals were discontinued.  Probably moan a lot and not vote for the government next time. You wouldn’t spend several thousand to change your car, just to get the added safety of a radio on the move!

AM and FM may not be as good as digital, but this does seem to be rather a bodged and badly-thought out change.

By the way, when I’m in the near-continent, I get the BBC on AM.  Are the BBC doing to abandon, the many people who listen to Radio 4 on LW?  It looks like they are!

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