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Should We Licence Cannabis?

I have never taken recreational drugs and probably never will.  I also feel that our current strategy against drugs is a total failure and probably just makes things worse.

So it was very refreshing to read the views of Professor Roger Pertwee on the BBC. His views about licensing sales, should be taken seriously.  After all, getting criminals out of the loop, ensuring quality and protecting health are probably more important.

But his views will be totally ignored.  All we will do is go on building more prisons, so we can lock everybody up!

September 14, 2010 - Posted by | Health, News | , ,

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  1. This is a real issue for me. I take prescribed narcotics for chronic pain, after an accident. I know and my GP knows that in reality cannabis would probably do a better job, but I am not prepared to buy street drugs (my GP is very relieved about that!). I too have never taken recreational drugs and have no plans to start now. It is finally available for people with MS in UK, on a named patient basis, but not for chronic pain.

    As for the prisons, I gather the drugs are widely available in prison! I gather one of our main reasons for being in Afghanistan is to stop heroin production there. However, it isnt working!

    Comment by Liz P | September 14, 2010 | Reply

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