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Sri Lanka To Free Elderly Prisoners

I found this report on the Internet. here’s the story.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has ordered elderly prisoners over 60 years of age serving term for minor offences to be pardoned and released.

 According to Prisons Rehabilitation and Reforms Minster Chandrasiri Gajadeera, the decision comes amidst a need to reduce the number of prisoners in over-crowded prisons around the country.

 Prison sources said that older prisoners who have served more than 10 years of jail term will be released after the necessary papers have been drawn up.

 The new legislation, when passed, is expected to reduce the congestion in prisons to an extent.

Sadly, the country has re-introduced the death penalty.

But the first idea should be introduced in this country.

What is actually needed is an on-line database of prisoners, which obviously has anonymised.  Then we could see how many prisoners say had had severe strokes or had got dementia and perhaps move them into a more caring regime.

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How To Stop Smoking

This story from California, is an interesting way to stop smoking. Here’s the first paragraph.

Think you’ve heard of every way possible to quit smoking? Etta Mae Lopez came up with a new one: slap a cop and go to jail, where smoking isn’t allowed.

Perhaps, we should take a leaf out of California’s book and ban smoking in prison.

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The End Of the Affair?

With Vicky Pryce being released from jail this morning and Chris Huhne probably to come out too, will this mark the end of the affair?

I doubt it and it will still cause money to be wasted, some of which will have been contributed by taxpayers.

Surely, the solution to this affair, was when Huhne was found guilty of lying to a Court, he should have been banned from driving for life.  Perhaps, Pryce should have suffered the same fate, as she was aiding and abetting a convicted criminal to drive.

Perhaps, we need an offence of using a driving licence to commit crime, which should be punishable by a life ban from driving.

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Should Huhne And Pryce Go To Jail?

This stupid case, which quite frankly is all about seeing, who can be the nastiest to the other, has cost the taxpayer enough.

Obviously, the case is serious, but equally so, they are unlikely to cause any harm to anybody else, if they didn’t go to jail.

So they are a classic case for an alternative punishment.

Perhaps they should be sentenced to a certain amount of time, in something like a bail hostel, where they had to do the cooking and cleaning.  Where of course, they had to stay in each night. Perhaps they should also be made to share a room to save money.

It could even be broadcast live on Channel 5.

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Gorillas In London Zoo

I remember the famous gorilla,Guy, who came to the Zoo in the year of my birth, although he was probably born a few months before I was.

In those days his cage wasn’t as spacious as the modern gorilla enclosure, where about four gorillas live happily together.

These pictures show them inside, as it wasn’t very tropical today.

C used to tell a story about one her clients. He was an habitual criminal and every time he came out of jail, one of the first things he used to do was visit Guy in the London Zoo.

He’d tell the gorilla, that he was now out of jail, but he could see that Guy was still incarcerated.

Guy’s reply was not recorded.

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Taking The Prison Bus

I have joked that the 274 bus, is the prison bus for Pentonville a few times, as it always seems to drop of and pick up unfortunate wives, partners and girl-friends in the vicinity of the prison.

I took the bus back to The Angel, so I could get some shopping before coming home.

What surprised me was outside the prison, I was getting a rather strong Wi-fi signal. Was it escaping?

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Hoist By His Own Petard

I’m reminded of one of my father’s favourite phrases by this story about the leader of the English Defence League.

He can’t really complain about his punishment, as I thought the EDL wanted to keep unwanted immigrants out of the country.  So what were the Americans doing? Just that, when he tried to get there using someone else’s passport.

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A Tale Of Two Young Women

Today we had the good news of Malala Yousafzai leaving hospital after being shot by the Taleban in Pakistan  for speaking up for the education of girls.

But the student, who was raped and murdered in India hasn’t been as lucky. The latest news is here on the BBC.

What is it in the sub-continent about their attitude to women and girls?

But saying that, there is a surprisingly large number of Asian men in jail in the UK for sex offences.

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How Not To Run A Prison System

This story from the United States is terrible.

I’m not saying, rape of women prisoners doesn’t go on in other countries, but you rarely here of it in Europe. I seem to vaguely remember, that when C used to visit HMP Holloway in the 1960s and 70s, that she told a story of a prisoner, who got pregnant.

I also think there are some countries in Europe, where few women are incarcerated.

The United States should bring its Justice and Prison up to the standards of the civilised world.

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The Prisons Don’t Get Any Better

This story from the BBC shows that in the fifty years since C first got involved with prisons, that the same mistakes are still being made. This is just one extract.

The HM Inspectorate of Prisons found the lack of support for foreign national prisoners “a matter of great concern”.

In one case, it was discovered that a foreign national had been detained for nine years after the date his sentence ended.

This is sheer incompetence and how much as it cost and will cost taxpayers.

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