The Anonymous Widower

My Father Would Turn in His Grave, if He Had One!

I had a good day yesterday, in that I made a video of the Tour of Britain at Clare and successfuly posted it on this blog.  But my arm is starting to work a bit better and I’m in less pain. Perhaps, my brain is winning in its battle with my nerves and is understanding them better! If it can’t understand them, the brain says pain!

My computer told me today, that I must get ready for my Warfarin test on Monday. I do it a couple of days early, so that I can find the form that I must take.

The Dreaded Hospital Form/Letter

These letters are a disgrace and the man, who designed them should be dismissed from all his jobs immediately.  I would suggest capital punishment, but even for design crimes as heinous as this, I will not ease my stance on the evil death penalty.

So why do I hate these letters so much?

For a start, they are so difficult to open, even for someone like me with only a good right hand! And one that can efficiently wield a pair of scissors.  Suppose you were more decrepit than me, with perhaps severe arthritis or a missing hand.  You wouldn’t stand a chance of opening the letter without damaging it, so much that it became unreadable.

Then when you have opened it, it refuses to lay flat, so it is not an easy thing to store and retrieve.  I usually pin it to a notice board, but as it doesn’t do flat very well, it sometimes manages to force itself to the floor.

Perhaps, the main reason, I hate these letters so much, is that they are in many ways unnecessary.  If you need to change your dose, the hospital phones you!  If you forget the form, when you have a blood test, then the nurse knows the questions to ask!

But as I said in a previous post, why can’t you be informed by SMS message or e-mail?

So why would my father be spinning? He was a printer, who made a lot of money by designing paper systems that worked.  He would have known how to do this form/letter better.

If I had my way, if a letter needs to be sent, then I would send a postcard.  I know to some this wouldn’t be confidential, but it certainly doesn’t matter to me, that the world knows my Warfarin dose is 5 mg. a day!

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