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The Two Forth Bridges

You shouldn’t go to Edinburgh on a trip like mine, that is looking at the engineering that has shaped this country, without going to see the two Forth bridges.

The Forth Rail Bridge

The rail bridge is probably the most recogniseable bridge in the world and despite being 120 years old it still carries upwards of ten trains per hour.  Incidentally, as modern trains are lighter than steam ones, it is probably under less stress now than it was in the past.  It’s been under less stree too in recent years as coal trains no longer use the bridge.

I do wonder that if  can see this bridge in twenty years, whether the trains going across the top will be electric!

I’ve actually never been across the rail bridge and it’s been many years since I travelled across the road bridge.  I think it was with my hosat in Edinburgh and my late wife, when we went to St. Andrews.

The Forth Road Bridge

It is rather ironic, that if I could return to this spot in 2100, it would be more likely that the older rail bridge would still be carrying traffic, whereas, it would appear that the road bridge will have to be closed by 2020.

So much for modern engineering!

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