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Nottingham to Newmarket

This is one of those journeys that works, but because od the limited services in East Anglia, it takes a lot longer than it should. I got a direct train to Ely, but then it was another train to Cambridge and then another to Newmarket. But everything was on time and I met the booked taxi, which got me home about four hours after I left Nottingham.

At least though the train wasn’t very crowded after Grantham and I just sat there reading.

I did have to wait for perhaps twenty minutes at Ely and forty at Cambridge but it wasn’t cold and I had an excellent cappuccino from AMT at Cambridge.

So how could this jouney have been better?

East Anglia to the Midlands and the North needs more and bigger trains.  At present we have Stansted/Cambridge-Birmingham (hourly) and Liverpool/Manchester-Norwich (3-hourly) , all of which pass through Ely and Peterborough.  In addition, there is an hourly service from Ipswich to Peterborough. But even so, it is just not enough!

The trains that connect to these long distance services are not big enough either.  At least today, I got a two-coach, Class 156, to and from Cambridge, but sometimes it is just a decrepit single coach, Class 153.

I ope this all gets sorted out in the next few years.  But whatever happens, we need some bigger and better trains. But then as long as I can remember, East Anglia has always had evrybody else’s hand-me-downs.

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