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Book Burning

It is being reported that a fifteen-year-old girl has been arrested for burning a copy of the Koran.

My father was a printer and bookbinder and to me, all books are to be treasured and not defaced or burnt in any way.  Perhaps, when a book has been fully read, it should be passed on, but only in the last resort, should it be burned and then to do something positive like generate heat.

So the girl was wrong in what she did and arresting her for what was probably a childish act, will only encourage others to do similar things.

We need a lot more tolerance and common-sense.

Especially in these days, where we have had the Sunningdale and Milton Keynes murders and the Derby sex attacks to keep the Police busy, with more much serious problems that could be considered to a racial dimension.

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  1. It is a difficult one. If a Muslim had burnt a Bible, there would be uproar and the police would be expected to take strong action. So I guess that the police felt they had to do something if someone burnt a Qu’ran – Perhaps unaware that in the eyes of Muslims, a English translation is not considered to be the Qu’ran, and anyway, Muslims consider parts of the Bible as Holy Scripture so wouldnt burn it.

    Comment by liz | November 25, 2010 | Reply

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