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Is it Me or My Cooking Skills?

I sometimes blame the stroke for my clumsiness, but I’m not sure it’s always to blame.

Take lunch today, when I thought I’d have some smoked salmon with scrambled egg. You’d think that the most difficult job would be cracking the eggs without getting any shell into the basin to mix them all up with a bit of milk and some salt and pepper. But no, it was separating the smoked salmon from it’s packaging.  I had to pull it to open the outside packaging, which actually wasn’t too difficult, but I couldn’t get the slices apart without ending up with effectively minced salmon on the plate.

Now my mother taught me how to crack eggs and always said you should crack them into a cup first.  But remember in those far off days of the 1950s, you occasionally got an egg with a chick inside it.  They smelt something rotten too!  So I often still crack them into a cup first, so that if I make a hash of it and get half the shell in it, I can get another cup and start again.  But of the perhaps several dozen eggs I’ve cracked since the stroke, I’ve only had to go fishing for bits of shell in perhaps one or two.  That would have been about the same number as before.

On the other hand, no-one has ever taught me how to disentangle smoked salmon from its tight packaging. So I’ve just learned badly on the job.

Now when it comes to cooking one of my fish pies, they seem very little different than before, except that I do have problems mashing the potatoes, which might be understandable.  Or it might be that I just have very bad basic cooking skills! On the other hand I don’t have any problems peeling potatoes, but I think it was something my mother taught me when I was quite young.

So could it be that things taught to you as a small child, stay with you no matter what happens?

All comments are welcome!

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  1. Sliced things in pack are always hard to separate.

    I do think that things we learnt many years ago and do fairly routinely stay with us. When I was at uni one of the experiments I wanted to try was a comparison of the accuracy of “dialling” a telephone number on a standard telephone keypad, and “dialling” it on a telephone keypad set out with a calculator keypad layout. Looking at whether the difference was greater with numbers well known to the subject, I had various test situations, which I dont recall all of. Unfortunately, there was no-one availble to do the techie side of things, and it didnt happen. But I am certain that we have motor memory which is long lasting.

    Comment by liz | December 5, 2010 | Reply

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