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Is There A Need For An Evening Football Rail Ticket?

When I’ve gone to football at Ipswich evening matches lately, I’ve had to go by Cambridge for other reasons, so I’ve had to buy a ticket from Cambridge to Ipswich and then one from Ipswich to London.  I’ve never had a problem buying the last ticket and the ticket has been reasonably priced.  Last night, I booked a seat on the 18:10 to get to Ipswich, as I was travelling in the rush hour. I didn’t want to go earlier as Ipswich is a gluten-free desert.  But I was unable to buy a reasonably priced ticket in either London or Ipswich.  I then thought, that this might be due to the hour change and there were no late trains, so I left the match at half time and then got a ticket to Colchester for £6.20, where I duly arrived at about nine o’clock on a train that was returning to London virtually empty.  At Colchester, I bought a ticket to London for under a tenner and then caught the 21:30 to Liverpool Street.  Again the train was virtually empty.  So the trains were running and I could have seen the whole match.  But the machine wanted to charge me £24 for the ticket, as against the £19.80 I paid to get to Ipswich in the rush hour.

Next Thursday, it’s the Norwich match and I’ll be going.  I can get up for £19.80 in the rush hour and back for £5.30 after the match on any train.

It all just blows my head in.

Why couldn’t I get the £5.30 ticket last night and in the end travelled in an empty train?

What is needed is a special football ticket, that applies to evening matches outside London, at places like Ipswich, Norwich, Reading, Watford, Milton Keynes and Brighton.

If you travel out by train, you should be able to buy a much-reduced ticket for the journey home on production of a valid match ticket. After all the return will probably be on an empty train.

Incidentally, some Ipswich fabs don’t buy season tickets because of the difficulty of getting to evening home games by train. So both the train company and the football club are losing out.

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