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Is The Public To Blame For The Antics of Tabloid Newspapers?

I don’t like the celebrity culture and to paraphrase the evil doctor, when I see any celebrity culture, I reach for my off switch or turn the other way.

About the only time I have anything to do with it, is when I hear some Z-lister being named in the media, I might search the Internet to see who they are.  But that is as far as it goes! I do read the obituaries in quality papers, as I’m interested in what makes people tick or worth remembering.

I will also admit to buying the Sun occasionally. Of the tabloids, with the exception of the Evening Standard, it is the only one with any sensible horse racing coverage.

But as to most of the dross they print, about celebrities, I have no interest, except where there is a serious side, like with superinjunctions and business practices, that may have cost us all dear as taxpayers.

To me the tabloids are summed up by this true story.

I was at the Ipswich Inter Milan match in the San Siro, when I found myself sitting next to a journalist, who worked for one of the more outrageous tabloids. We chatted about various topics concerning football and Ipswich in particular and I can’t remember how it came up, but we started discussing my coeliac disease.  I then said that the statistics indicated that there must be at least one footballer, who must be a coeliac. I suggested it might make a story, as it might help those with the disease. He then said that the readers of his rag wouldn’t be interested.  But if I knew a footballer who was gay, then that would be a very valuable story.

So do these crap newspapers exit because it’s what the general public wants.  Or at least what they think they want?

I’ll put in a true story from way back and incidentally from before anybody in the UK had heard of Rupert Murdoch.

During the enquiry into the Profumo Affair, which was held in public, only one newspaper printed the proceedings in full.  It was The Times and they printed it because they said they were a newspaper of record and it was their duty.

Sales soared!

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