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Mon Dieu! Le Soleil A Volé Notre Titre

The Sun today has a headline of Brexit 1 – Brussels 0!

The title of this post, is possibly the reaction of the editor of the leading French newspaper; Le Figaro, that according to Andrew Marr, used the headline first.

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A First For Christmas Day

I am reading today’s copy of The Times on my computer.

I’ve never read a newspaper published on Christmas Day before.

They’ve even published a set of their puzzles as an alternative to Happy-Clappy Television

But I’m sure other papers have published digital editions.

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A Newspaper So Hot, It Has To Be Kept In A Fridge With Lots Of Water

I took this picture, in W H Smith’s at Kings Cross station.

A Newspaper So Hot, It Has To Be ~Kept In A Fridge With Lots Of Water

A Newspaper So Hot, It Has To Be ~Kept In A Fridge With Lots Of Water

I prefer my newspaper to have the latest hot stories. Especially with lots of accessible Vitamin D.

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Tram-Trains Hit The National Papers

Unless you live in Sheffield, the saga of the tram-train to Rotherham, will probably be unknown to you.

But today there is a balanced news item in The Times, which is entitled Tram-train plan to put commuters on track.

This is the first time, I’ve seen an item about tram-trains in the national media.

Perhaps, journalists are at last realising that the revolution is coming here!

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Greeky Bum Time

The Sun can always be relied upon for a catchy headline.

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The Standard’s Take On The Election

This was yesterday’s front page on the Standard.

The Standard's Take On The Election

The Standard’s Take On The Election

I would like to be voting for a Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition. Steady as she goes!

Seriously though, after looking at the list of candidates, I think I’ll vote for Paul Birch of the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party.

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Word Of The Day

The Times today has a picture on page 4 of what they describe as a coalition of cheetahs.

Now there’s a word!

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Exposed Breasts On The Underground

How long have there been Page 3 girls in The Sun?

So in some ways, it is rather strange, that on a Metropolitan Line train, I saw for the first time, a pair of breasts in a newspaper displayed in all their glory by the guy opposite.He’d folded the paper back to read something more interesting on the other side of the page.

It was also strange that no-one asked the man to cover up his breasts by refolding the paper.

In answer to the question at the start of this post, the answer is in this Wikipedia entry.

It’s over forty years.

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Bringing Home The Sunday Papers

I get The Sunday Times on a voucher. So when I moved here, I found a shop perhaps four hundred metres away that took them.

The about a year ago, a new Asian shop opened much closer that took the vouchers, so I changed my allegiance.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I happened to go past the second shop, just after the schools had chucked out. All around the shop young people were drinking cans of crap lager and smoking.

As my house is on the way back from the shop to an estate near me with a reputation, that sighting probably explains why there is a succession of beer bottles and cans on front walls down the road. I haven’t had any recently since my new garden with its berberis was completed. Some still enter my garden though and use it as a urinal.

So as I don’t frequent shops that sell alcohol and tobacco to minors, as the latter probably helped the premature deaths of my grandfather, father and youngest son, I stopped using the Asian shop.

Generally, I’ve been going to the Sainsburys Local in the Essex Road for my papers. But yesterday, I went back to the original shop and got third degree about why I don’t go.

I’ll probably still use the first shop again, but today, as I needed some other things, I took a bus to the littleWaitrose at Highbury Corner. The only problem I had was tip-toeing through the broken glass outside the pub that is on my route to the bus stop.

Broken Glass Outside The Pub

Broken Glass Outside The Pub

They really ought to tidy up after the customers have gone. Most days, I suspect they just leave this sort of mess to our excellent street cleaner.

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My Nineteenth Letter In The Times Since 2005

I had a letter published in The Times yesterday in a whole group of letters under the general heading of Don’t deny drivers a glimpse of Stonehenge. It said.

Sir, I have just taken a train to Cornwall and eaten lunch on the way. It was Britain at its best, on a British Rail-era, but well-refurbished high-speed train with superb locally sourced food and the best service.

Who in their right mind would want to drive all the way on the A303, even after the Stonehenge tunnel has been built?

If you want to have a memorable journey like me, see here.

Incidentally, I’m not counting my letters, but someone else is and in the on-line comments to the letter publishes the statistics of all the writers’ letters. As that is nineteen in just under two years, I wonder if I’ll be here long enough to reach my century.


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