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Santander Bring Their Call Centres Back To The UK

This story about Santander seems to be part of a trend, with more and more call centres returning to the UK. What surprises me is that Santander supposedly has 25,000,000 account holders in the UK and it is creating only hundreds and not thousands of jobs by moving the call centres back.

So just how often do we phone our banks? I have phoned my bank twice in the several years I’ve been with them and I’ve e-mailed once about a piece of trivia.  I also have phoned a credit card company once, as the card was damaged and I needed a new one.

So judging by the times I’ve called them, I’m fairly typical.

So Santander moving their call centres back to the UK, may be a cynical marketing ploy to try to improve their bad customer service image.  But it could really be just a way to reduce their call centre to the size required.

As with the Lloyds redundancies, it will be interesting to see what employee/turnover ratios for banks look like in a few years time.

My guess is that they’ll make huge profits with only a few employees.  But on the other hand, people will be very satisfied with customer support, although they’ll probably still complain about getting loans.  But then the sensible will borrow their money elsewhere.

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  1. What really annoys me is the cost of calling various companies, nearly always an 0870/0845/0300, all numbers which cause you to wait in a queue and pay at least 6p per minute which easily runs into pounds. Another UK rip off!

    Comment by joanne | July 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. Agreed! I must admit, when I’m looking for a new service anybody without a proper landline and a proper e-mail address gets crossed off my list. Recently, I made a small mistake ordering somethig from Dixons. To correct it I phoned their lanfline call centre, got straight through to a real person and about seconds later we’d finished. I’ve since bought a few things with them, where I had a choice of shop.

    So I’d say that expensive numbers and call centres actually cost the companies money. I’ve analysed a few in my time, but never to look at a before and after case, when a high cost number came in or was dropped. It would be interesting to see.

    Comment by AnonW | July 8, 2011 | Reply

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