The Anonymous Widower

The Man With The Artificial Heart

This is definitely the good news story of today.

From what I can gather, the recipient is now able live a much more normal life until he can get a heart transplant.

My late wife, C, died of a squamous cell carnimona of the heart.  It just grew in her heart and strangled the life out of her.  She just lived only a few months after the diagnosis.

I got the impression at the time, that if she had been younger then they might have tried a transplant.  But I also know that if it had been offered she would have said no!

But after today’s news, if I was in the same state and they offered me an artificial heart for a few month’s life, I think I’d take it. In fact, I sometimes think that if by having the operation I had a high chance of not making it, but would help to advance knowledge, I’d take that risk. It might be better to die under the knife, than suffer a long-lingering death.

Not that this mongrel is thinking of going yet! There are too many windmills at which to tilt!

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