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Two Bombed Out Churches

In the UK, we have several bombed-out churches from the Second World War. I have post about St. Luke in Liverpool before, which is generally known in the city as the bombed-out church. 

On my weekend trip to Plymouth and Bristol, I came across two more.  First was the Charles Church in Plymouth

Charles Church, Plymouth

If ever there a badly situated ruin, that is a monument to the excesses of town-planning it is this. Surely, they could at least given pedestrians access, but it seems to be unfortunately left in the wrong place by the bombing of the Second World War. 

In some ways, this church sums up Plymouth.  Very disappointing!

And then there was St. Peter’s in Bristol.

St. Peter's Church, Bristol

The surroundings have been left to show it off properly as a monument to those who died. It also had an information board.

Information on St. Peter's Church, Bristol

Plymouth could learn a lot from Bristol.

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  1. Hello there.
    Well done for your blog. I hope it is helping you to get over your losses.

    I agree with your comments about Plymouth. I’m originally from Torquay myself and, as a young boy, spent many Saturday’s in Plymouth with my dad “exploring” the city. My dad was in the RAF during the war and was fascinated about the bombing raids on Plymouth.

    The city was drab but the pople were wonderful. That’s how I remember it.

    ANd I agree with your comments about lack of access to the church on the middle of a very busy roundabout.

    But in recent years, Plymouth has improved immensely. What’s more, if you want to see how NOT to rebuild a city after a blitz (this time by USAF bombers) then take a trip across to Brest in Brittany, France (where I now live) !!

    For further information, someone once told me that both Plymouth and Brest (which are twinned) were rebuilt by the same (American) architect in record time.

    It shows.

    All the best

    Comment by andrew waldron | March 15, 2014 | Reply

    • I’ve never been to Brest and it’s a part of France that I will visit. Architects have a lot to answer for!

      Comment by AnonW | March 15, 2014 | Reply

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