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92 Clubs – Week 2 – 18 Clubs – 36 Trains, 2 Trams

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As with last week I can also add several Underground and Overground trains and lots of buses.

It was an easier week, that Week 1 and I got home to my bed every day. I’m now having the weekend off, as the hay fever is driving me nuts.  On Monday, I’ll go to Hereford, Huddersfield and Hull and on Tuesday, I’ll be in my seat at Portman Road for Ipswich against Portsmouth.

Here are the awards.

Heroes of the Week

This week, I’ll award it to all of those who’ve contributed.  Some people, who I’ve never met have given a pound for every club.  I hope I’m living up to their hopes for me!

There was also the taxi driver in Liverpool, who just wanted the money for his diesel.

Most Surprising Stadium of the Week

There have been several that were not what I expected like, Bury, Exeter and Hartlepool, but I also revisted some where I have been in the past, so these didn’t show me anything I didn’t know.

Best Stadium of the Week

It just has to be Chesterfield.  Everything is there and they are working about making it better.

Best Signposted Stadium of the Week

Hartlepool is well-signposted and still has four large floodlight towers to guide you.

Worst Signposted Stadium of the Week

I’ll give this award to Coventry, as there are no details at the station and it’s a long walk to the bus station, where it’s not obvious where to go. At least I found a quicker way back using an express bus.

Welcoming Stadia of the Week

As in the first week, many stadia were visited in the dark or when no-one was about.  I was however, very well welcomed at Chesterfield and Exeter.

Best Town of the Week

Hartlepool by a country mile. Politicians and officers from many of the places I’ve visited could learn a lot by just visiting the town.

Here’s a few things I liked.

  1. The rather decripit railway station has been transformed into one of the best small stations I have seen in the UK, by a fair bit of imagination.
  2. The art gallery, which doubles as a tourist information centre in a church in a central point in the town.
  3. I didn’t have much tie to visit the museum, but it was one of the best small museums, I’ve found.
  4. It would be a difficult town to get lost in, as it is well-signposted and you seem be able to see the main landmarks from everywhere.

I have been to many places, where a lot more money has been spent or is available and they are worse places to visit. Especially, if your time is limited or you have a simple objective, like visiting a football match.

Best City of the Week

Exeter impressed me, with good signposting and an easy-to-find ground marked on all the maps.

Dump of the Week

When I looked at the list at the start of the week, I thought that there would be a lot of candidates.

In the end it was Gillingham, which was just a run-down town, with a rather tired stadium, without a roof for visiting fans. But I’ve also had comments on this blog saying they didn’t like the place either.

Sign of the Week

This has to be the display in the car park at Hartlepool station, telling you how long you have until your train arrives.  Every station should have more of these.

I may still be a few stadia behind, but I’m enjoying the trip.

Here’s to next week.

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