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A Proper Map at Ipswich Station

I’ve never really checked out Ipswich as to how easy it is to get around by walking or public transport, so I checked on Saturday.

A Proper Match at Ipswich Station

There is no excuse for maps of this quality and size to not be displayed at the railway station. And probably several other places in the town or city as well.

Note that the map has a five minute walking ring and an index to all the streets.  The tourism information office is also properly shown.

About the only thing not on the map is the hospital, which is some way on the other side of the town from the station. To be fair to the hospital, they have a page, which describes how to get there by train.

One thing that is different at Ipswich station to many I’ve visited in the last few weeks, is that you walk out of the station and you can see the town in front of you.

Ipswich Town Centre from the Station

The picture, shows the bridge over the River Gipping, the council offices and the football group. You are naturally drawn the right way towards the town centre.

I know, I know Ipswich well, but few towns I’ve visited draw you in in a purposeful way from the station. Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Wolverhampton do to a certain extent. One of the best was Huddersfield, which also had a free town centre bus. But others such as Bristol, Manchester and most of the new towns haven’t got their acts together. Burnley was one of many places where a simple map, some fingerposts and a bit of thought could really improve things.


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