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A Trip to Brighton

I went to Brighton today, as I thought a trip to the seaside might help my breathing.

I also wanted to take a look at OneBrighton, as it was built, by the same company developing the Hanging Gardens of Dalston.

The web site for the development doesn’t show any pictures of the buildings, So I wasn’t sure if I was photographing it or not.

Housing in Brighton's New England Quarter

This is some of the housing in what is now called the New England Quarter. These flats would not be for everyone, as they are built on a hill and you wouldn’t want to struggle back up with your shopping. It’s also a mainly car-free development. Surely, though, if you are building on the side of a hill, then the paths should follow the contours of the land between roads with bus routes on them.  I don’t think the paths between the blocks do.

It’s not an area that I like.

But I did like Brighton station nearby. And especially the roof!

Brighton Station Roof

But then Victorian railway engineers did roofs well.

Incidentally, my trip cost me just £11.70 from Victoria, which was effectively the cost from the area of my Freedom Pass with the discount for a Senior Railcard.

So that was good value in my book.

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