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Doric Nimrod Air Two

A small article in The Times today entitled Investors queue up for aviation’s double-deckers,  caught my eye. It talks about a company called Doric Nimrod Air Two, that will buy and lease out Airbus A380 double-deck airliners, giving investors upwards of a nine-percent return on capital.

Would I invest, if I was as rich as Croesus?

You have to admire their innovation, but the aircraft are leased to Emirates, which is a Middle East airline. In that troubled region, there are more nutcases, than on all the peanut farms in Georgia.  You don’t have to actually shoot a plane down, just hit it with something very explosive on the ground.

After all, the share price of the company dipped, when the A380 developed wing cracks.

So it may work, but it is not an investment that appeals to me.

I’d prefer to put my money in Zopa and get around six percent.

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