The Anonymous Widower

The Visitor Paradox

We have pointers that show that London is not as busy as it normally is at this time of the year.

  1. The buses aren’t full.
  2. Trafalgar Square is emptier than usual.
  3. The Emirates Air-Line isn’t busy.
  4. There is moaning about empty restaurants.
  5. I did try a hotel site and found there are rooms available.
  6. I bet too, the taxi drivers aren’t happy.
  7. I’ve not had any difficulty getting a seat on the Underground lately.

On the other hand, the public seats at the venues are generally full and I’ve been in two 70,000 plus crowds at Wembley this week. Some tickets too are unobtainable, although others are still to be picked up in small numbers on the web site.

We won’t really know until we see the full statistics for things like transport spend and bed occupation to know what has actually happened.

But could London have created a totally different type of Olympics to what we’ve seen in the past few Games?

  1. London has masses of free attractions like museums, galleries and parks. So have many visitors decided that a visit to the National Gallery is better than spending money on an expensive lunch?
  2. London is a day trip away from a vast area of Northern Europe. So have people decided to fly in or take the train for a day or so and spent the money saved on tickets?
  3. London has a vast expatriate community.  It is for example, the sixth largest French city.  So are many of the visitors camping on the floor of their friends and relatives homes? Let’s face it, if one of my sons was living in an Olympic city, that would be the time I’d go.
  4. It is said that a lot of the empty seats seen are those allocated to sponsors and the Olympic family. So have corporates decided that the sponsorship has been worth it, but allowing their executives to party in these times is not on?

As I said, we won’t know until we see the statistics.

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