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Lost In The Purple

In Whitechapel Station Is The Preferred Interchange, I said this.

It certainly appeared to me from some staff, I spoke to, that some passengers were getting rather lost.

It was also confirmed by a member of Elizabeth Line staff at Moorgate station.

In A Look At Bond Street Station, I showed this image and said the following.

Bond Street station is double-ended.

This visualisation shows the knitting that connects it to the current Bond Street station.


  • The station has two entrances; Davies Street and Hanover Square.
  • The length of the Crossrail platforms.
  • It looks like the Western interchange between Crossrail and Jubilee Line is easy.
  • It could be quite a walk between Crossrail and the Central Line at Davies Street.
  • If you’re a strong walker, some will use the Hanover Square entrance to access the Central and Victoria Lines.

On this quick look, I have a feeling that at Bond Street station, it will pay to know your entrances and make sure you’re at the right place on the train.

I could have added, that it will pay to know your entrances on any of the large stations.

At the Moorgate end of Liverpool Street station, yesterday passengers were turning up, who really wanted the Liverpool Street end.

The subterranean  information needs to be better.

As an example, there are a few modestly-priced hotels, that include a Premier Inn, clustered around the Elizabeth Line station at Woolwich.

  • Woolwich station is  a simple single-ended station with the entrance at the Western end of the platforms.
  • So passengers for Woolwich should always get in the Western end of the Elizabeth Line trains.
  • That would be the front going West.
  • That would be the back going East.

If staying at a hotel near an Elizabeth Line station make sure you know your entrance and train position.

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Moorgate To Grosvenor Square On The Elizabeth Line

The Grosvenor Square area of Central London is shown by this Google Map.


  1. Grosvenor Square is the green square in the middle of the map, with the former US Embassy at its Western end.
  2. A block to the East of Grosvenor Square is Davies Street, which runs North-South to and from Oxford Street.
  3. It is mainly an area of expensive houses, some offices, embassies and luxury hotels.
  4. There are at least half-a-dozen four or five-star hotels on this map, with the former US Embassy being converted to another.
  5. So as most of its residents and visitors are well-heeled, there has generally been little need for public transport.
  6. But on the other hand luxury hotels, expensive houses and embassies are large employers of staff and services.

So do many travelling to the area, have to use a taxi or walk from public transport on Oxford Street or Park Lane?

At the top of this map, just on the West side of Davies Street is a building site, which is labelled Cavendish Buildings. This building site is now the Western or Davies Street Entrance to the Elizabeth Line at Bond Street station.

This morning I took an Elizabeth Line train between Moorgate and Davies Street and then walked to Grosvenor Square,


  1. There are two triple escalators and a lift at Moorgate station.
  2. Travel in the front of the train to be positioned correctly for a quick exit.
  3. There are two triple escalators and a lift at the Davies Street entrance to Bond Street station.

It took me twenty-two minutes for the whole journey.

Will The Elizabeth Line Have Any Effects On The Grosvenor Square Area?

This is a difficult question to answer, but I’m sure that there will be changes.

Staff Will Have An Easier Journey To And From Work

The manager of a luxury hotel in London told me that good staff is a problem, especially, where public transport is not good.

So I do feel that the new Bond Street station will widen the pool of employment for staff commuting to the area.

I would certainly feel, that if your hotel, restaurant or club was within walking distance of an Elizabeth Line, you might well find, that the quality of your staff improves.

Will Light Cargo And Services Use The Elizabeth Line?

Some years ago, I had handrails fitted by a company from Sheffield. The salesman/designer came by train and walking and only for the fitting did the company use a vehicle.


It was certainly a job done well and efficiently.

I can see all sorts of goods moved into Central London, using the step-free and level features of the Elizabeth Line.

If the other Underground lines had improved step-free access, there would be more opportunities for improved services for Central London businesses.

The Hotels In The Grosvenor Square Area Now Have A Fast Comfortable Connection To The City And Canary Wharf

Since the Jubilee Line to Canary Wharf station opened in the last years of the last century, there has been a reasonably fast Underground service to between Bond Street station, various stations in the City of London and Canary Wharf station.

But the Elizabeth Line brings this link to a much higher level.

  • It is faster.
  • It has much more comfortable trains.
  • Access to trains is step-free and with level access.
  • Soon, the trains will have wi-fi and 4G signals.
  • The trains connect to Heathrow Airport and with a simple change to City, Stansted and Gatwick Airports.

I suspect that hotels on the Elizabeth Line will see an increase in business.


The Elizabeth Line is going to change London more than anyone would think.

Bond Street station will improve the Grosvenor Square area.

What will your local Elizabeth Line station, do for your area?

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Moorgate Station To Bond Street Station And Return

This morning, I went between Moorgate Station and the Hanover Square entrance of Bond Street Station on the Elizabeth Line.

I then walked to the Davies Street entrance of Bond Street Station via Medici Court, Bond Street and Brook Street, and returned on the Elizabeth Line.


  1. The Hanover Square entrance to Bond Street station, is a single bank of escalators and is only a short walk between platforms and street.
  2. Medici Court is a quick covered walk from the station to Bond Street. There is an upmarket coffee-shop.
  3. ~Brook Street can be used as a walking route between Bond and Davies Streets and on to Grosvenor Square.
  4. The Davies Street entrance to Bond Street station, is a double bank of escalators and is a slightly longer walk between platforms and street.
  5. I suspect that South Molton Street will become a walking route between the Davies Street entrance and the Southern section of Bond Street.
  6. Many times in the past fifty years, I’ve bought my late wife presents in South Molton and Bond Streets.

Andy Byford, London’s outgoing Transport Commissioner has called this new station is the jewel in the crown of the West End’s transport provision.

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A Hotel That Loves To Say No!

Last night I stayed in the easyHotel in Ipswich.

It was convenient for after the match. affordable and I wanted to see what the low cost chain was like.,

I took these pictures.

Note all these Noes!

  • No Space
  • No Two-Ply Toilet Paper
  • No window.
  • No Space For Two People To Hang Clothes
  • No Glass For Water
  • No Bottles Of Water In The Vending Machine. This made worse the fact that there is no late-night shop in the centre of Ipswich.
  • No automated check-in system.
  • No free wi-fi
  • No free television. The need to enter a code each time you switched it on, was a total pain.
  • No free room cleaning
  • No space to put a large suitcase.
  • No space to put a cot for a baby.
  • No flat space to change a baby’s nappy! A real one, I hope!
  • No bottle opener.
  • No food to buy except chocolate or even a good nearby cafe.

I know it’s designed down to a price, but I’ve been in sleeper trains, caravans and boats that do it much better.

Note that I’m only one metre seventy and sixty kilos and C was a little bit smaller. We could just about have managed, as we always travelled light.

I don’t think, I’ll use it again, but if I do, I’ll use it this way.

  • No case bigger than a brief-case.
  • Bring a bottle!
  • Bring a plastic glass.
  • Make sure, I arrived as late as possible and left as early as possible.
  • Expect to leave in the same clothes I arrived in.
  • Ask how to get radio on the TV.

But at least, I slept reasonably well!

Rumours about the possible Ryanair hotels include.

  • Pay-As-You-Go use of the bathroom.
  • Corkage charges for any wine or beer taken into the room.
  • Extra charges for those not checking in online.
  • Extra charges to put your large cases in a secure separate room.
  • Shielded room, so you get no mobile signal and have to pay to use wi-fi.

I do wonder, if there is to be a race to the cheapest, whether Governments will legislate on room size and various charges.

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Roaming Around East Anglia – Felixstowe Beach Station And The Dolphin Hotel

Felixstowe Beach station closed in 1967 and I can remember seeing the station buildings in the 1960s.

I can also remember sitting in the car outside the Dolphin Hotel, drinking an orange juice, whilst my father was inside having a quick beer.

These days, I suspect that in many pubs the children would have been allowed into the pub.

My reason for visiting the area of Felixstowe Beach station was to investigate the possibility of using the site as a terminus for the proposed tram-train to Felixstowe.

I doubt it is a feasible plan.

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Roaming Around East Anglia – The Ordnance Hotel, Felixstowe

The Ordnance Hotel in Felixstowe is long gone and has now been replaced by a Premier Inn.

The Ordnance Hotel played a large part in my life, in that according to my father, I was conceived there.

It was rather strange to walk out of the front of the hotel and imagine in my mind, the view from perhaps in 1958, when we stayed as a family in the hotel.

In those days, you could still see the tide mark on the walls of the nearby houses, which was caused by the North Sea Flood of 1953.

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Roaming Around East Anglia – Cambridge Station Square

Cambridge station now has a station square with a hotel, a pub, several coffee shops, a convenience store and a taxi rank, which is a big difference from when I left Suffolk ten years ago.

It is so much better than the crowded space squeezed between the car parking.

As a pedestrian, I like it! I was able to walk to everything I would need like a coffee, some gluten-free snacks, a bed, a decent meal, bus or a taxi.

The only thing missing is a proper tram to take you to the City Centre.

How many towns and cities need a station square like this in the UK?

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Edinburgh Tourist Tax Could Be £2 Per Room, Per Night

The title of this post is the same as this article on the BBC.

Will it actually make any difference?

  • I looked up the price of two nights in a Premier Inn in the City Centre for next week and they want to charge me £263.
  • Glasgow was £137 and Stirling £105 for Premier Inns close to the stations.
  • Will the tax apply to Airbnb?

I do think, we’re going to see some innovative tourist taxes and rewards.

For instance, all hotels in Geneva must give you a voucher for a day’s free travel on public transport. This applies for everything from a camp-site to a five-star hotel.

Some hotels in Hamburg, do something similar.

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My Hotel In Hamburg

These pictures show my hotel and my room in Hamburg; The Europäischer Hof.

My room was unusual in that it was a proper single room, with everything I needed.

Except one thing; a BBC channel for the News.

I have now stayed in Hamburg in two hotels, where I got a free bus, U-Bahn ans S-Bahn ticket.

The ticket covers the main city zones including the |Airport.

That is an idea I like.

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Don’t Stay In The Metro One Hotel By The Hauptbahnhof In Berlin!

The only thing to recommend it, is the distance from the station, but I found it totally unfit for my purpose as I wrote in A Hotel To Avoid.

I will not be taking any chances in future and will avoid Metro One hotels.

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