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You’re Never Too Stupid To Do Science!

I like this story about Sir John Gurdon. Eton College told him he was too stupid to do science and now he goes and wins a Nobel Prize.

I could have titled this post, You’re Never Too Stupid To Do Anything!

In my case, an English teacher, told me I’d never pass my O Level in the subject.  I just did, but now, I’ve self-published a couple of books, written stories and had letters in several publications.

It’s probably still not good, as people say I use too many commas and shrieks. Shriek is printer’s slang for exclamation mark.  Or it was my father’s! Wikipedia says this.

The name given to “!” by programmers varies according to their background. In the UK the term pling was popular in the earlier days of computing, whilst in the USA the term shriek was used. It is claimed that these word usages were invented in the US and shriek is from Stanford or MIT; however, shriek for the ! sign is found in the Oxford English Dictionary dating from the 1860s.

My father had never been to the United States, so it must have come from his printing background somewhere. His father was also a printer.

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