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First Class to Leeds

I travelled in First Class to Leeds yesterday. I do get more and more fed up with the standard of the class on Saturdays.

I paid about thirty pounds more for a comfy seat, a table and two cups of coffee each way.  My fellow travellers also got some rather boring-looking sandwiches both ways.

But I suspect, judging by the number of empty seats and those on Virgin a couple of weeks ago, the train companies First Class offerings on Saturday, are not the hottest product.

At least that on First Hull Trains is better! But on the other hand, it didn’t seem to sell many seats.

It strikes me though, that the train companies need to do a bit of thinking about their First Class product.  And whilst they’re at it, they could look at their gluten-free offerings too!

Inciodentally, I had breakfast in Carluccio’s before I travelled and got some sandwiches from Marks and Spencer in Leeds station. I also noted that Leon’s restaurant had some good gluten-free breakfast offerings.

So some things are getting better, but the trains aren’t keeping up with the competition. Although you could argue, that the presence of Leon’s and Carluccio’s in stations, is down to policy changes at Network Rail.

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