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Boots To The Rescue

I got my toothpaste and deoderant confiscated at security, as they wewren’t in the right plastic bag. They’ve been in that bag through security several times before.  Luckily though there was a Boots, where I could get new ones for a small amount. Boots also sold me an adaptor for this computer.  Dixons wouldn’t lert me buy one, but why would I need two?

Boots are very much becoming one of my favourite shops, as they sell me what I want to buy. Not like some, who insist I multi-buy and give me loads of useless vouchers.

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Off To Majorca For Some Sun

I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to Majorca for a few days. It’ll just be a bus or taxi to Liverpool Street station and then the train to Stansted.

What could be more simple?

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First Class to Leeds

I travelled in First Class to Leeds yesterday. I do get more and more fed up with the standard of the class on Saturdays.

I paid about thirty pounds more for a comfy seat, a table and two cups of coffee each way.  My fellow travellers also got some rather boring-looking sandwiches both ways.

But I suspect, judging by the number of empty seats and those on Virgin a couple of weeks ago, the train companies First Class offerings on Saturday, are not the hottest product.

At least that on First Hull Trains is better! But on the other hand, it didn’t seem to sell many seats.

It strikes me though, that the train companies need to do a bit of thinking about their First Class product.  And whilst they’re at it, they could look at their gluten-free offerings too!

Inciodentally, I had breakfast in Carluccio’s before I travelled and got some sandwiches from Marks and Spencer in Leeds station. I also noted that Leon’s restaurant had some good gluten-free breakfast offerings.

So some things are getting better, but the trains aren’t keeping up with the competition. Although you could argue, that the presence of Leon’s and Carluccio’s in stations, is down to policy changes at Network Rail.

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Christmas Shopping By Yourself

On Friday, I tried to do a bit of Christmas shopping.

I wasn’t very successful, but then as I don’t have much to buy, was it really surprising?

To me, one of the joys of shopping, was going with C to the shops to buy presents for our children and their families.

I also used to go alone to buy presents for her.  And that was what I really enjoyed.

But then I’m a man who enjoys shopping!

What also didn’t help was the bad weather and the fact that Oxford Street was so crowded.

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Do Women Make The Best Spies?

Apparently they do according to various stories in the papers yesterday, where the CIA and Mossad is concerned. But there’s also evidence from MI5 in this article in the Guardian from 2004.

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A Problem With Not Recognising Gay Marriage

When some countries recognise gay marriage and others don’t you are going to get a few problems.

This story from the United States, illustrates one small but sometimes expensive problem well.

Edith Windsor was legally married to her gay partner in Canada, five years ago. Her partner has since died and because she now lives in New York, she will have to pay $600,000 in what in the UK would be death duties. If her partner had been a man, she wouldn’t have to pay the tax.

So now the case has ended up at the United States Supreme Court.

I’m not a lawyer and I’ve no idea what would happen in the UK.

But surely in this age, we should clear everything up to make it all clear to everybody.

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Is My Eyesight Getting Better?

Yesterday, I watched most of the football match at Leeds without my glasses.

Surely, my eyesight can’t be improving that much?

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How To Announce Yourself

As I went through Peterborough on the train yesterday to Leeds, I noticed a couple of law firms in offices by the station. I’m reminded of a little event.

C’s chambers had a satellite office in the city and one day at this time of year, they were having a Christmas party after work.  Our son, a trainee solicitor at the time, was also doing some business in the area on the same day, had a legal problem and thought he might find some help and expertise at the party. So he walked in and said.

Does anybody know how to write a writ for habeus corpus?

And that is how one of the oldest tenets in English law; habeus corpus and our son, made their presence felt at a Christmas party in the twenty-first century.

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Businesses Get Bees On The Roof

I first saw this in The Times concerning law firm, Olswang.

But there is also an old video story about it on the BBC’s web site.

It obviously seems to be a good idea, as it seems to be catching on.

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