The Anonymous Widower

Taking A Muffin Break

At Lewisham on the outrun to The Valley, I had plenty of time to change from the DLR to the 380 bus.

So I went into the shopping centre by the station, which could best be described as the shopping equivalent of the Kings Cross station extension. I’m sure the architect, thinks it’s one of his best pieces of work, but I thought, this is the sort of place, I walk quickly through.

I was looking for a coffee and suspected I might find a Starbucks or a Costa.  I did find one of the latter, but it was rather busy, so I gave it a miss.

I did however find a coffee place called Muffin Break, with real cups and a sign that said gluten-free muffins. So I decided to at least have a try.

The picture doesn’t do the muffin justice, as it was moist, just crumbly enough and with a proper taste of berries. The later wasn’t surprising as it was a mixed berry muffin.

It was a complete surprise to find in that shopping centre in Lewisham.

Apparently, it’s a Canadian concept that has been developed by the Australians, where it has 179 stores out of 256 worldwide. Read their history here.

Who cares?  It was a good muffin.

December 26, 2012 - Posted by | Food |


  1. Nothing beats drinking out of a real cup. Great find!

    Comment by Reverse Engineering | December 26, 2012 | Reply

    • Absolutely! I had a quite severe stroke and cardboard or plastic cups can be difficult. But then I can afford to eat and drink at the level above Starbucks.

      I think we’re going through a coffee revolution, in that Starbucks have cooked their goose over tax and the independents and upmarket chains like Carluccio’s are taking advantage. As a coeliac, many of these have good gluten-free offerings. Starbucks actually don’t do too bad in this area, if I need lunch.

      Comment by AnonW | December 26, 2012 | Reply

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