The Anonymous Widower

A Pension Scam

I’ve also received a text message saying.

Hi, as you have a frozen pension, you can get a large cash payment within 4 weeks, to get it started today reply ‘CASH’ to this text.

It was unsigned. That told me it was a scam, as if my pension manager wants me urgently, he comes round on his bike, or gives me a call on the land-line.

The grammar is all wrong too.  one of the advantages of an education system, that no longer teaches how to form sentences correctly, is that it’s easier to spot frauds.

And my grammar isn’t perfect!

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What Is O2 More?

I just received some advertising spam, which said this.

Do you run a UK business with global aspirations? HSBC could help.  Ring 08452669781. Terms apply.  To stop O2 More text stop to 20502.

I, of course didn’t ring or text either of the numbers.

But if I get another, the ICO will be hearing from me. I will be leaving O2 as well. Especially, as I never registered to receive spam.

Certainly, HSBC has gone on my not do business with list.

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Thanks! But No Thanks!

Sean O’Driscoll has been sacked as Nottingham Forest manager, despite a high league position and winning 4-2 today. It’s all here on the BBC.

Sounds like Forest have got themselves owners with more money than sense.

Where have we seen that before? How about Portsmouth, Blackburn, Crystal Palace, Wolves, Hearts and Darlington for a start! But not Glasgow Rangers, as I don’t think they had any of either!

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Farewell Gerry Anderson

Sadly.the death of Gerry Anderson has been announced.

He will always be remembered for Thunderbirds. Although, Wikipedia doesn’t mention this, I remember seeing the first episode, Trapped in the Sky, in a prime Saturday evening slot and ITV billed it as Gerry Anderson’s first adult program.  Only later did it settle into being a children’s program.

That first episode is one of the best pieces of British television. If it had a problem, it was that it set a standard that was impossible to attain consistently.

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A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

When I first went to Liverpool, the local girls were always described as totties. So this pharmacy caught my eye in Charlton!

A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

A Pharmacy With Young Assistants Wearing High Heels?

The explanation at the time for tottie, was that the girls always tottered on very high heels.

I suppose now, they’d be called supertotties, as the heels are so much higher.

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Taking A Muffin Break

At Lewisham on the outrun to The Valley, I had plenty of time to change from the DLR to the 380 bus.

So I went into the shopping centre by the station, which could best be described as the shopping equivalent of the Kings Cross station extension. I’m sure the architect, thinks it’s one of his best pieces of work, but I thought, this is the sort of place, I walk quickly through.

I was looking for a coffee and suspected I might find a Starbucks or a Costa.  I did find one of the latter, but it was rather busy, so I gave it a miss.

I did however find a coffee place called Muffin Break, with real cups and a sign that said gluten-free muffins. So I decided to at least have a try.

The picture doesn’t do the muffin justice, as it was moist, just crumbly enough and with a proper taste of berries. The later wasn’t surprising as it was a mixed berry muffin.

It was a complete surprise to find in that shopping centre in Lewisham.

Apparently, it’s a Canadian concept that has been developed by the Australians, where it has 179 stores out of 256 worldwide. Read their history here.

Who cares?  It was a good muffin.

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London’s Boxing Day Nightmare

I asked for luck as I set out for Charlton and more or less achieved my objective in that I got to the match without trouble. After taking my pictures at Kings Cross, I took a 205 bus towards Bow, with the intention of getting the DLR to Lewisham. I wasn’t sure of where the bus went, so I changed at Mile End to a 277 bus and picked up the DLR for Lewisham at Westferry station.

The Reliable DLR

The Reliable DLR

As ever the DLR did its bit, but then it doesn’t have drivers, who have to have a party on Boxing Day.

I changed at Lewisham to a 380 bus, which meandered through Blackheath and other green parts of Greenwich to The Valley.

Meandering Through Blackheath

It must be one of the smallest buses operated in London.

A Small Bus

A Small Bus

But I suppose, it does have the advantage, that any hooligans arrested at The Valley can be sent directly to jail.

The nightmare started after the match, which was characterised by a first half display by Charlton, that was almost as bad of that by Ipswich at Leicester.

Normally, to get to The Valley, you take a train to Charlton station next to the ground from central London. But it was Boxing Day, so the trains weren’t running.  The Underground wasn’t running either as the drivers weren’t, but in getting to Charlton, it’s not much use.

So I was left to struggle home on the buses.

And struggle I did, as they were rather overcrowded to say the least.

It took me three hours to get to the Angel, as I had to change twice at Lewisham and Bank.  The second change wasn’t the best, as due to the delay, I needed the toilet, so I took the first bus that came and had a pit-stop at Carluccio’s in Upper Street. At least, I got a bus home virtually immediately.

If we are going to have Sales in the shops and a full sporting program on Boxing Day, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a full bus, train and Underground service, albeit with a reduced frequency.

Roll on driver-less trains like the DLR. I know it’s not as simple as some think, but as a control engineer, I know that trains can be without drivers, provided there is a train captain, like on the DLR.

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The Old Kings Cross Station Is Nearly Down

The dreaded 1973 extension to Kings Cross station is being finally demolished this Christmas, as there are no trains and passengers.

There are some good pictures  here on the BBC of the history of the front of the station.

It is intended that the new public square in front of the station will open in August 2013.

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Wish Me Luck!

I’m leaving soon to go to Charlton to see Ipswich play.

How I’ll get there I’m not sure of at present, as ASLEF are having their usual Christmas party, a day late.

I think if London had a referendum on driverless trains, there’d only be one result.

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