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Not The Best Automated Text!

When I booked my ticket on Virgin Trains yesterday, I got them to text me the details.

It was a two stage process, which as they had my mobile phone number seemed a bit pointless, unless they were harvesting it to make sure, they’d got the right one to send me marketing spam.

But on the phone I use, it was useless as you can’t read the stupid eight digit reference number from the message and type it into the machine at the same time, as it’s not the first line of the message, which is where it should be. You’re of course half-way through typing it in and the display of the phone switches itself off too.

It would be so much better, if you could say which reference number you wanted, when you booked.  That way, you wouldn’t need to write it down. But I suppose they wouldn’t get your mobile phone number.

In the end, I did send the phone a message of my own from my computer with the reference number.  But this new phone, unlike my superb Nokia 6310i, only shows messages in the Inbox, by who sent them and not by the first line, if it doesn’t recognise the number.

Such is Nokia’s ten years of product improvement!

I suppose I could write the number down, but I haven’t for years, as I could always handle it with the Nokia 6310i!

To be fair to Virgin Trains, they’re probably no better or worse than all the other companies.



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