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A Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Heart

Perhaps because yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day and it was my sixth without her, I think I should say more about the cancer that killed C.

Not to elicit sympathy for myself, as I’ve had enough of that in the past few years, but to put the true record on the Internet, so that it can be found.

It’s not pleasant reading, and there may be a cure by now, but typing “squamous cell carcinoma of the heart” into Google, just gives a couple of references other than the few in this blog or where I have posted in other forums.

C started to become short of breath in about July and in September, she went into Papworth Hospital to find out the cause, as it looked like it was something wrong with her heart.

In late October, they found the problem which was a squamous cell carcinoma actually growing inside the heart. So it was actually behaving like a valve shutting off the blood flow around the rest of her body.

They did try an experimental chemotherapy using a drug called Tarceva, but all this did was destroy her gut and make her mouth incredibly sore. It had no effect on the cancer.

The pain was so bad, she refused to see any of her friends and effectively withdrew into herself, just seeing her carers, and the immediate family. The pain was so bad at one point, that she asked me to take her to Switzerland, but by then, she would probably have found it impossible to travel. When I said no, she realised she hadn’t got long to live.

She died on December 11th, 2007, just a couple of months after the terrible diagnosis.

I said earlier, that I hope treatment is now possible. However do bear in mind, that C’s cancer was the only one of its type in 2011 in the UK and she was a very fit, non-smoker and light drinker, who’d hardly been ill in her near sixty years.  She had had breast cancer, which was unrelated to the one that killed her, and had made a complete recovery.

A squamous cell carcinoma of the heart, must be one of the worst cancers you can get.

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  2. I had nail bed CSC and are worried that it hat spread. I was exposed to very low frequency EMF for 6 years at work. I stopped that procedure because it made me physically ill. Besides spinal stenosis and scoliosis it appears to caused also my kidney stones. I’m still praying that i stopped this work soon enough.

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