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Why We Need More Walk-Through Trains?

The Class 378 trains on the London Overground are completely articulated and you can walk through from one end to the other.

Class 378 At Highbury And Islington Station

Class 378 At Highbury And Islington Station

The picture shows the train I got on to return from Highbury and Islington station, today. I got in at the end where you walk down to the platform at the station and then walked through to the other end, as that end is best for getting off at my station, which is Dalston Junction.

As there is no doors to open or close as on most trains, it’s an easy process and is something I’d like to see on a lot more trains, as not only is it more convenient, it might well be safer too! Already the new S stock trains for the London Underground are built similarly.

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  1. Spot On . . . the Oz walk thru trains use German Connectors [Schaufenberg] between Cars. Trains consist of 3 cars [permanently connected : because the linkage now includes two wide flat faces with Electrical & Computer Connections]. The Two end cars have Electric Driving Motors & The Middle Car has an Overhead Pantograph.

    All Cars have reverse cycle air cons : Cool in Summer & Warm in Winter. Two x 3 Car Consists make up a Normal Train . . . The three car consist is a walk through.

    Long Distance Trains are Walk Thru from One End to the other [even when different Classes are in train].

    Comment by Steam Lover | March 6, 2013 | Reply

    • The Class 378 are walk-through, with longitudinal seating and are four cars a train. although this is soon to be five cars as they’re putting in another vehicle. Most of the 378 are dual voltage with 25 kV A/C by a pantograph and 750 V DC by third rail. Some sets are just thiord rail. Partly, this is historic in that London Underground and trains south of the Thames are all third rail, but it’s also because the Thames Tunnel isn’t big enough for overhead wiring. But then it was built in the 1840s.

      They are good trains to ride on and they have air-conditioning. I think they have Dellner couplers.

      Their only problem is they are not big enough, but then quite a few platforms were too short for longer trains. Platforms are now being lengthened and an extra carriage is going to be inserted into each train. A couple of stations can’t be lengthened, so they’re going to fit selective door opening. But here the walk-through makes that work much better.

      You can generally walk-through on most trains, but there is usually a door you must open at each carriage. I have read somewhere that genuine walk-through like in a bendy bus, increases the amount of self-loading cargo, the trains can carry.

      Comment by AnonW | March 6, 2013 | Reply

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