The Anonymous Widower

A Useless Shopping Trip

This afternoon, I decided to go shopping to get some clothes from my holiday next week. I took the Overground to Stratford and walked into Eastfield.

It was not the most fulfilling of trips.

For a start, when I walked in, I thought I might like a tea or a cappuccino. Before the Olympics, I used to get this in the Starbucks by the station entrance, but since the Games, I’ve avoided it, as it only sells drinks in cardboard cups. These are for takeaways, not sitting in.

I then walked through to John Lewis and thought I’d see if there was a suitable coat.  I need one with a large internal pocket on my left breast, that is big enough for my newspaper or my small Samsung Tab 2.  Despite the attention of a very personable and professional sales assistant in an hijab, they couldn’t find anything, which fitted my requirements.

So it was on to Marks and Spencer, where I tried to get a second pair of cord trousers like those I was wearing. Despite having bought them only last week, I was again unlucky, as that style wasn’t stocked at Eastfield.

So I then retreated back to the Overground and came home.

That was a very unproductive shopping trip. I’ll try again in Oxford Street tomorrow. I should find the trousers, as they had quite a few pairs last week, there are a couple of Carluccio’s for some tea or coffee, but I doubt I’ll find the coat, as big pockets are so two years ago.


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  1. …as opposed to DEEP pockets, which are always de rigueur and never out of fashion for so many of our politicians!
    Better luck with your next shopping trip!

    Comment by Janice Mermikli | March 12, 2013 | Reply

    • At least with me, money isn’t a problem. But everything must be exactly right! I suppose that comes of years of writing software, which is the one thing, you can get 100% correct.

      Comment by AnonW | March 12, 2013 | Reply

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